The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology (Oxford World's Classics)

by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Paperback, 2009



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Oxford University Press (2009), Edition: 1, 320 pages


Crossley-Holland--the widely acclaimed translator of Old English texts--introduces the Anglo-Saxons through their chronicles, laws, letters, charters, and poetry, with many of the greatest surviving poems printed in their entirety.

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LibraryThing member kencf0618
A good introduction to the Anglo-Saxon sensibility, kennings included.
LibraryThing member Medievalgirl
A wide selection of poetry, epic battle literature, charms, letters, laws charters and almost everything else from the Anglo-Saxon age.I have only read parts of the entire compilation of works in the anthology.

The content is hugely varied, ranging from Beowulf to letters from the Pope to Saxon
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Kings, and naughty riddles, including my favourite short poem ‘The Wanderer’ in which a Warrior laments the loss of the brotherhood of his friends and fellowship of the Mead-hall after the death of his Lord.
The version of the poem included in this book did seem to be a bit of an over-literal translation in some places which appeared to detract from the poetic style but it is still and excellent introduction to the fascinating civilization of the Anglo Saxons.

My only gripe is that the author did not include a sampling of the works of Alcuin of York (which I would love to read) or extracts from Bede’s ‘On the Reckoning of Time’ especially as the Latter text clearly demonstrates that as early as the 7th century medieval people knew the earth was round.
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