The English Settlements (Oxford History of England)

by J.N.L. Myres

Paperback, 1989



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Oxford Paperbacks (1989), Paperback


Here, Myres looks anew at the dark centuries of English history between the collapse of Roman rule in the early fifth century and the emergence of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the seventh--the subject of the now-classic Roman Britain and the English Settlements by Collingwood and Myres--and reconsiders the period in light of abundant recent research in the field. New linguistic findings have led to a significant shift in emphasis, which is now reflected in this last volume of the Oxford History of England. The author illuminates some of the little-understood factors that link Roman Britain with Anglo-Saxon England, and suggests certain political and social continuities that help to clarify this complex and traumatic historical era.


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290 p.; 7.56 inches


0192822357 / 9780192822352

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\'Classic\' text on the subject of Anglo-Saxon origins; a topic of much debate.
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