The Gift of Christmas Present

by Melody Carlson

Hardcover, 2004



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Fleming H Revell Co (2004), Edition: First Edition, 204 pages


College student Christine Bradley grew up in a loving and honest family. So she couldn't have been more surprised when, shortly after her mother's death, her father revealed the startling truth that Christine had been adopted at birth. In search of clues about her biological mother, Christine encounters a family she never knew she had. She digs deeper as Christmas nears and what she finds reveals a shocking lineage. Will Christine be able to come to grips with the past, take hold of the present, and look forward to a brighter future? Carlson's warm tale of loss, recovery, and acceptance will captivate current fans and create new ones.


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204 p.; 8.75 inches


0800718674 / 9780800718671

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LibraryThing member jnut1
This was a good Christmas read.

This book was all about Christine's winter break from college and looking for her family. She recently found out she was adopted and this is her story.

The book didn't bring in too many excessive characters which is a plus for me.
LibraryThing member judyg54
This was a story that took me by surprise, as I was expecting a nice light Christmas story, full of Christmas cheer. Instead I discovered a very well written story of a young woman trying to find her real family, when she finds she has been adopted. Was she raised in a good and loving home? Yes.
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Was she unhappy with her life? No. But when her father who raised her tells her about the adoption and gives her the town her real mother was raised in, she sets out to find some answers.
Christine Bradley knocks on the door of Esther Daniels, her biological grandmother, hoping to meet her for the first time. When “grumpy” Mrs. Daniels answers, she assumes Christine is there in answer to her ad for someone to come and assist her while she recovers from an ankle injury. Not giving Christine an opportunity to explain who she really is, the beginning of a chance to get to know her grandmother begins, but it begins by being dishonest about who she really is. Christine will try to discover what, where and how her biological Mom lived before she ran away, had Christine, gave her up and then passed away. In the midst of caring for her grandmother she will come to love her, but in the process she will need to tell her the truth. What she will discover about her Mom and the background of why her Mom ran away will surprise you, at least it did me. But the “gift of Christmas present” that everyone receives filled my heart with tears and joy.
There was some disturbing findings in this story. There was tears shed, but they were tears of sorrow and of joy. The author took a difficult subject, made a wonderful story and showed how God can work all things out for good, even when we can’t imagine how. Bad things do happen, but God is a loving God, who can take the bad that people do, and work them for good.
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LibraryThing member Northern_Light
When Christine's mother dies her father tells her that she is in fact adopted although sadly her birth mother died soon after she was born.

Christine manages to track down her grand-mother but due to a mix-up ends up as housekeeper/carer and can't tell her the truth.

The book then tells her story as
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she gets to know her new 'family' and decide when and what to tell them. Secrets large and small come out over time and Christine is in for a traumatic time.

I found it hard to really like this book filled with cliches and very litte real examples of faith other that when Christine speaks to her pastor or sends up a quick prayer.

The ending is rather too tidy and unbelievable.

Very glad that this was a free download.
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LibraryThing member mjkutan
Great book.
LibraryThing member NancyLuebke
I enjoyed this Christmas story and I bought this at a library book sale. I voluntarily chose to review this. I've given it a 4.5* rating. This was not a conventional Christmas celebration. It deals with adoption and other issues. Sometimes we just need to put the issues in other hands.

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