The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit

by Stan Berenstain

Paperback, 1986


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Random House Books for Young Readers (1987), 32 pages


With the help of her family, Sister Bear breaks her habit of biting her nails.

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LibraryThing member kapeoples
First grade reading level; lesson could be used as young as Pre-K. This is a great book to read when talking about behavior and making good decisions. The story explains and models for students the right and wrong way to behave through a funny, clever story. This would be a great book for
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addressing behavior during the first couple days of school, or misbehavior once school has begun.
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LibraryThing member AshleyCampbell
This is a good story for children learning to read. The text is simple and arranged well on each page. Pictures support the text, so figuring out the story is easier. When talking about bad habits, one could discuss this book as an example of a bad habit and how to break one.
LibraryThing member mwflood
Interesting book with a message that can be used by adults and children. I thought back on all the bad habits I have dealt with and how this book even helped me think on how to break bad habits I currently have. The Berenstain's always know how to reach the broadest of audiences because they write
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about stuff that affects us all.
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LibraryThing member ababe92
This again another good book written by Stan Berenstain. This would help a child overcome a bad habit they have formed.
LibraryThing member MaBock
Another great way to discuss a vocabulary word.
LibraryThing member RachelHollingsworth
series - 1st grade. This is a story about Sister Bear and her bad habit as she bites her nails. She tries to break this habit by taping the fingers up, dipping her nails in lemon juice and several other ideas.
LibraryThing member rem400
Genre: Fantasy
Plot Summary: Sister Bear was enjoying her time at school until it started to get a little stressful here and there. The little bears in the classroom all had ways of coping with the stress of school work, but Sister Bear had the idea of nibbling on her finger nails. The other little
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bears start picking on Sister Bear and Momma Bear starts to think of ways to save her nails. Momma Bear tries putting tape on Sister Bears nails, but soon finds out that method doesn’t work. Papa Bear and even Brother Bear both make comments about the situation. Papa Bear tries the method of rewarding her. Momma Bear explains to Sister Bear the meaning behind a “habit” and a bad one for that matter. Gran comes up with the best idea so far. If you want to find out if Gran’s idea works for Sister Bear to overcome her bad habit of nibbling her nails, read the book!
Character Analysis:
Sister Bear—Forgetful, curious, and embarrassed, Wants to break her habit, but doesn’t know how, Eager to try all the ideas and methods that her family brings to the table
Brother Bear—Picks on his sister about nibbling on her nails, Clever and sneaky (i.e. when at the end of the story thinks he should start biting his nails to gain money)
Papa Bear—At first he comes across as stern because of his method of punishment but soon he changes his idea to rewards instead
Momma Bear—Good mother to her cubs, Honest, caring, patient,Corrects Sister Bear,Teaches her what a bad habit is and tries put different ways to help her break it
Gran—Clever and wise (i.e. when she thinks of a way to break Sister Bear’s habit
Personal Evaluation: I love this book! I think it is a fun book for children from k-2nd age range. It is interesting and will keep their attention, but also relatable. Most every child has a bad habit and can relate to that concept of trying to break it or getting pestered by family/friends because of it. I know when I was growing up I had a problem biting my nails, just like Sister Bear in this story.
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