Cooking Essentials (Cooking Arts Collection)

by Mary Berry

Hardcover, 1999


Call number

Reference - Technique -- BER

Call number

Reference - Technique -- BER


Cooking Club of America (1999), Edition: Special, Hardcover, 168 pages


Being a good cook doesn't just happen. It starts with knowledge. And that knowledge must run deeper than just a recipe on a page, no matter how much or little cooking experience you have. Simply enough, that's the story behind Cooking Essentials. Cooking should be as easy an uncomplicated as possible. We start with a visual guide to the pantry, describing and explaining a key choice of ingredients. Next, we offer advice on saving money as you set up or improve your kitchen. Then a portfolio of essential Techniques forms a vital reference source. The Master Recipes are designed to be your keys to even better cooking, allowing you to utilize a wide range of essential cooking skills. Last but not least, there is the Recipe Repertoire, a collection of our favorite recipes that we hope will become yours too. Enjoy Cooking Essentials, your companion on the never-ending road to more cooking knowledge and better cooking.… (more)

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168 p.; 11 inches
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