Between the Two World Wars: Monetary Disorder, Interventionism, Socialism, and the Great Depression (Selected Writings of Ludwig Von Mises)

by Ludwig Von Mises

Hardcover, 2002


Liberty Fund, Inc. (2002), Edition: New edition, 453 pages


Ludwig von Mises, the author of such classics as 'Socialism and Human Action' is universally acknowledged as one of the most important classical liberals and economists of the twentieth century. In 1934, he left his native Austria in fear of the Nazis, who seized all his papers in 1938 in Vienna and Mises thought, destroyed them. But the papers were not destroyed. In 1996, Richard and Anna Ebeling discovered the papers in an archive in Moscow. This is the second volume in the Selected Writing of Ludwig von Mises series.


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453 p.; 6.1 inches


0865973849 / 9780865973848

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