Genet : a biography

by Edmund White

Paperback, 1994




New York : Vintage books, 1994


This biography of Genet explores the perverse extremes of his life and writing, and separates the fact from the mythology which was fostered by Genet himself. Edmund White has interviewed lovers, friends, publishers and acquaintances, and has drawn from material, from letters (a number published here for the first time) and other original sources.

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LibraryThing member poetontheone
White's biography of Jean Genet is an extensive treatment of his life replete with illuminations, navigating around the shroud of biographical mystery and contradiction that Genet propagated through his novels, in order to give us a complete picture of the man through extensive research and the
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varied perspectives of those who knew him. White also gives a fair amount of critical attention to Genet's work at just the right points in the overall biographical narrative. For such a weighty and long biography, it is an infectiously readable book. It is in part because the story of Jean Genet's life is so unusual. His story is that of an orphan and a thief who spent the bulk of his youth in reformatories and prisons only to become one of the most important novelists and playwrights of his generation before abandoning these modes of literature to take up revolutionary causes around the world. This is due not only to the intriguing nature of its subject, but to White's background and similarity to his subject as both a novelist and as a gay men. White achieves a poetic sense of emotion here that holds echoes of Genet's own work.
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LibraryThing member MSarki
Mostly crap. Wish I hadn't already put a Brodart archival dust jacket cover on the stupid thing. Off to Goodwill with another donation. Not worth selling.



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