Listening Hearts 20th Anniversary Edition: Discerning Call in Community

by Suzanne G. Farnham

Paperback, 2011




This seminal work in the Listening Hearts series draws on centuries of classic Christian literature and "the silence of prayerful listening" to show how to recognize and define God's call. It explains how to eliminate barriers and prepare one's heart to receive that call - whether it is emphatic, subtle, or seemingly obscure. The authors address the challenge of remaining faithful and attentive to God's call and tell how a faith community can be a source of spiritual, psychological, physical, and financial support. Listening Hearts is designed for use in prayer and meditation and as the basis for group discussion. It provides suggestions on forming discernment groups and ministries, questions to raise in discerning call, as well as an informal history of the ministry and its research methods.… (more)


Morehouse Publishing (2011), Edition: Anniversary, Re, 167 pages

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½ (18 ratings; 3.7)

User reviews

LibraryThing member shannonkearns
this book was all right. it's all about how to discern vocation and God's call on your life, but it's not written in a very coherent manner and i don't think it's all that helpful. the appendices of the book were more helpful than the actual text.
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