EGYPT (Scholastic History Readers Level 3)

by Stephen Krensky

Paperback, 2002



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Scholastic, Inc. (2002), Paperback, 48 pages


Read all about the secrets of ancient Egypt--from hieroglyphs to underground tombs. The Scholastic History Readers series was created especially to bring history to life for beginning readers. Examines life in ancient Egypt, including the importance of the Nile River, and the daily life of both nobles and commoners. Several major pharaohs are discussed, as well as various gods and religious beliefs, especially those having to do with the preparation of a body for the afterlife. Hieroglyphs are included, and a sidebar highlights the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

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48 p.; 8.94 inches


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User reviews

LibraryThing member jhill06
Genre: Informational
Critique: This is a good example of an informational book because it has accurate and important information about Egypt and its history and people.It talks about the nile, pharohs, and the pyramids.
LibraryThing member shepac01
Egypt, by Stephen Krensky, is a very informative book on the life of ancient Egyptians. It begins with a chapter on their source of life, the Nile river, and its importance. Then it goes over the way Egypt was ruled and how writing developed in their time by using papyrus as a material. Other chapters go over the day to day routine of the Egyptians and the mummification process.
Egyptians had a major impact on the scientific world. They made major architectural accomplishments and developed ways of measurement. This book gives a good, brief, overview of ancient Egypt, so it would be a good resource for introduction into the topic of western influences on science, as well as social studies.
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LibraryThing member loniee01
This book is very interesting with all the information in it. I gave it a four instead of a five though because I feel like there could have been better illustrations and pictures in it. The book talks about all over Egypt’s pharaohs, king Tut and Hatshepsut. The book also talks about mummies and hieroglyphs were. This book is full of information and covers a lot of things in Eygpt.… (more)
LibraryThing member DVerdecia
This is a good Children's book. It is a history type of books for the early reader to pick up and read. It is a chapter book so the child can take topics in sections. The print is a nice size and the pictures that come with it are comprehensive to what is being described. The Young reader should have no problems following along.

What I found neat about this book is that it helps the child with pronunciation. So words like "Papyrus" are spelled out in parenthesis and phonetically so the child can sound them out.

I also found the side bars very interesting. They were just enough to deviate a little off topic but then how they are placed, it has the child coming back to the main story. Sort of like a little intermission to keep the attention span occupied.

If done right, this book can be used as a tool to teach a child how to do research and how to give credit correctly. It comes with it's own Glossary of terms and an index to help the child find points of interest easily and quickly.

Yes, I would recommend this book to the beginning reader. The topic is fascinating and it is well formatted for the young reader to pick up easily.
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