The First Thanksgiving

by Jean Craighead George

Other authorsThomas Locker (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1993



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Philomel Books (1993), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 32 pages. $6.99.


Describes how the colonists aboard the Mayflower founded New Plymouth and celebrated their first harvest with a feast of thanksgiving.


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32 p.; 9 x 0.5 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
This is a very good, complete history of the first Thanksgiving and the background. George's book gives details that other Thanksgiving stories might leave out, and gives a very thorough background. It is heavy on text, but complimented by beautiful illustrations.
LibraryThing member jcloke
I found this book to be a very descriptive introduction to the origins of Thanksgiving. The illustrations were not my favourite, but they definitely got the point across. I liked the story because it brought to life several aspects of this holiday than most others I read. It was a very detailed
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description of the pilgrams and their voyage to North America.
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LibraryThing member ecugary
George's The First Thanksgiving is a great story about the Pilgrim's celebration of the first Thanksgiving. Young readers can learn about the history of the beginning of our country and the interaction between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. It also tells how they worked together to create
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the first Thanksgiving feast.

The colorful pages that go along with the story add to the attraction of the book. Children will enjoy looking at all the fall colors and images of the Pilgrims and Indians.

After reading the book readers can reflect on what they are most thankful for and draw a picture of what Thanksgiving will look like at their house. The pictures can be displayed for open house.
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LibraryThing member ahernandez91
The First Thanksgiving about the Pilgrims and how they celebrated their first Thanksgiving. This book is very historical giving true facts about the Pilgrims voyage to North America. I loved that the illustrations and colors are appropriate with the setting and time that the story took place. This
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Thanksgiving story is very detailed, which most Thanksgiving books I've read are not. This book can be read in a 2-5th grade classroom around Thanksgiving time to teach the history of Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims.
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LibraryThing member Mattie10
This book is another great Historical Fiction book to have in the classroom. This book goes through the Pilgrims being on the Mayflower and coming to the United States. Once the Pilgrims see land they take the Mayflower so they can explore, what they find are the indians. The book goes on to
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explain what they ate and also how they became to like the indians. This book is great for young children because it explains how the very first Thanksgiving came about and tells the story behind the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
In the classroom the children could bring their favorite Thanksgiving dishes to share with the class. Also on that day the could dress up as either an Indian or a Pilgrim. The students while eating their Thanksgiving dishes could sit in groups of 2 indians and 2 pilgrims. They could also share why they picked to be an indian or pilgrim.
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LibraryThing member AllieR93
This story is focused on the holiday of Thanksgiving. It talks about the history of the Native Americans and the pilgrims. There are many key aspects of Thanksgiving mentioned in the story. The Indians knew the pilgrims were having trouble farming food for their families. The Indians brought food
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for them to eat. This emphasized the feelings of Thanksgiving, because the pilgrims were thankful for the Native American's kindness. The book also goes in depth with history in general, by mentioning reasons for people to sail to Plymouth rock. King James the first told everyone to join the church of England. Those that were Puritans wanted to sail away to practice their own religion. This book creates a sense of history to the holiday of Thanksgiving.
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LibraryThing member ekrzys1
SUMMARY: This book gives the reader the history of what is believed to have happened at the first Thanksgiving. The accounts are include many facts but is told as a story format.

REVIEW: This book's central message is to inform about the history of Thanksgiving. The book had beautiful paintings
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along with the textual information. The paintings were very inviting and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them as I read.
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LibraryThing member dayspring777
A different take on the classic telling. Starts out with the origins of the rock the Pilgrims landed at. It says Plymouth rock probably came from somewhere off the coast of Africa. There are no footnotes that support this claim.




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