Who Were the Beatles? (Who Was?)

by Geoff Edgers

Other authorsJeremy Tugeau (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2011



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921 BEA



Grosset & Dunlap (2011), 106 pages


"A biography of the Beatles, the world's most famous rock band"--Provided by publisher.


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106 p.; 5.31 inches


0448439069 / 9780448439068



User reviews

LibraryThing member katietwa08
This is a clever way to organize the lives of the popular singing group from the seventies. This story makes non-fiction reading interesting for young readers and learning easy. The words aren't too complicated or advanced for younger minds and the pictures make the text easy to follow. The details in the text are very informative and interesting as well. This is definitely not your usual non-fiction read.… (more)
LibraryThing member olongbourn
A Great Series for young children! My daughter selected this as one of her summer reading choices. I read this to know what she was reading and to be able to review her story frame required by her school.

I thoroughly enjoy the Who were...? and What was...? series as an introduction to people, events and inventions! You can't go wrong with a refresher of any of the books in the series!… (more)
LibraryThing member kacieforest
1.Geoff Edgar’s chapter book, “Who Were The Beatles,” are biographies about John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The main idea of this big is about persistence as songwriters. I liked this book for a few reasons. First, the chapter book is fun and interactive through its few illustrations. Every page offers black and white pictures that are sketched in which the context is explained, visually. The text is an easy read. Second, each of the four singers’ strengths and weaknesses are highlighted. I learned so much about the Beatles within 99 pages. The chapter book is educational, and extremely informative. Third, the author’s point of view about the Beatles is authentic. For example the book reads about George Harrison on page 26, “As he got older, he wore tight pants and grew his hair long, even though the other kids made fun of him for it.” Each biography of the four men invite the reader to create a mental image, and step into their shoes. I enjoyed this read a lot. I always enjoy reading about a person’s life, including their accomplishments and challenges.… (more)
LibraryThing member gothamajp
. I received this as a bit of a fun Father’s Day present. Yes I can pick holes in it; it repeats a few Beatles myths and opinions (a look at the short biography at the back points to where they were sourced), there’s a couple of factual mistakes, the text contradicts itself in a couple of places, and I’m sure some of the references will sail past the intended readers age group. But overall it turned out to be a nice light, well thought out primer on the Fab Four that I’m sure I’ll be sharing with the grandkids at some point. #books #review #2021reads… (more)






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