World War II (Eyewitness Books)

by Simon Adams

Hardcover, 2007


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DK Children (2007), Edition: Pck Har/CD, 72 pages


Provides a concise history of World War II including information about the Holocaust, the code-breaking Enigma, and the deadly V2 rocket.


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2007-06-25 (Rev. Ed.)

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72 p.; 8.85 inches

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LibraryThing member spartyliblover
A great overview of World War II looking at all areas of the world that were involved. Since this is a non-fiction book there are not any defined characters, plot or setting. This DK book does an excellent job at looking at not only the U.S. perspective, but also the Japanese, Soviet, German,
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Italian and British aspects of the war. The short paragraphs on each page help to introduce the topic, however, the pictures and the captions contain the most information and have are very interesting. This is an excellent book for a public library, and would be good for elementary aged children, as well as some middle school students.
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LibraryThing member ReplayGuy
DK's Eyewitness Book are always full of great non-fiction material and World War II is no exception. With many pictures and illustrations to go with text it will grow with learners. Aspects of several different nations involved in the war are covered in this book.

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