When silence becomes singing : a study in perception and parable

by Helen Kylin

Pamphlet, 1984



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CP 258


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 1984.


0875742580 / 9780875742588

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Kylin writes "...words are not readily available to explain [insight and creativity], and where one tries, the explanation can be almost incomprehensible." Nevertheless, she dares to try, and the result is mostly interesting and enlightening. This rather lovely pamphlet is about how metaphor and
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parable and image can foster our seeing when we look, our hearing when we listen, and thus deepen our life.
She writes, "If the metaphor is taken literally, it is abused and usually a lie." We must be able to use our imagination in order to understand the meaning of the metaphor.
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CP 258


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