The candle of the Lord

by Elfrida Vipont Foulds

Pamphlet, 1983



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Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Pub., 1983.


0875742483 / 9780875742489

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This pamphlet is about how Quakers rise to meet the challenge of their age. She describes the reawakening of Quakerism of the late 19th-early 20th century, in both England and the US, led by John Wilhelm Rowntree and Rufus Jones. This inspired Friends to meet the challenges of WWI, the Depression,
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and WWII, and the period of exhaustion that followed. A new renewal is needed for the great days of Quakerism ahead of us, to meet the great challenges ahead of us. The new awakening will come out of prepared groups, faithful Quakers all over the world, each a candle's gleam but part of something greater.
She gives wonderful examples from Quaker history of the following: Prayer, the place of retirement that is always there; Readiness to accept guidance from the spirit, and patience to wait for it; Courage, that comes with the faith that has grown and developed; Joy from knowing that God is with us; Endurance, using our sorrows and sufferings for a well of the living water; Fellowship, being gathered together by the spirit; and Discipline, the taking up of the daily cross.
And she quotes Thomas Kelly: Live on two planes at once, our daily life balanced between Time and Eternity, to draw strength form the timeless to cope with the exigencies of time.
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CP 248/1


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