Alternative Christianity

by John Punshon

Pamphlet, 1982



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CP 245/1


Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill Publications, 1982.

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Punshon offers the outline of a Quaker Christian theology, showing how Quakerism is related to but differs from other forms of Christianity, and thus is an alternative form of Christianity. He believes it is vital that Friends understand this theology, to maintain the central Quaker traditions. Friends should avoid a diversion either toward the evangelical Quakers and other forms of Christianity or toward the rejection of Christianity on the basis or rejecting those other forms of Christianity. His version of Quaker Christian theology seems to accept all the basic Christian doctrine, but differs on the basis of the practices of religion, on ways of worship, and on the understanding that the Bible must be interpreted by illumination of the Light Within. Punshon believes Quaker Christianity culminates in the assertion that all the theology of church, scripture, ministry, etc., is servant to the basic Quaker conception of the Christian faith as prophecy, the proclamation of God's goodness, justice, and love, as the immediate and eternal work of the Holy Spirit.
Punshon writes clearly enough, but to this Friend there seem to be several confusions about how the Christian creed can be essential but we do not impose a creedal test on members, how one's attitude to war is a clearer indication of the ground of one's faith than any creed but Quakers are definitely Christians, and so forth.
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LibraryThing member LloydLeeWilson
An excellent modern description of the peculiar place Quakerism occupies within the larger tent of Christianity.


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Call number

CP 245/1


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