Speaking as one Friend to another : on the mystical way forward

by John R. Yungblut

Pamphlet, 1983



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CP 249 c2


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Pub., 1983.


0875742491 / 9780875742496

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Yungblut has a vision of the evolution of a world religion. Christianity to be sure, contributed to if not led by Friends. A considerable amount of this essay reads as dated, and restricted to too few foundational ideas (Teilard de Chardin, Jung, K. Boulding), and to my mind, a still exclusivist
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understanding of Christianity. But it has some interesting history and ideas, and it would be interesting to have an equally thoughtful essay on Quakerism and the future of religion for our times and for the future. It would look very different from this.
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CP 249 c2
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