Getting rooted : living in the Cross, a path to joy and liberation

by Brian Drayton

Pamphlet, 2007



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CP 391


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 2007.

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Drayton writes a lovely pamphlet of helpful explanation of how we can proceed along the path to joy and liberation. This is valuable guidance on practical spiritual matters: how to persist through the possibly discouraging cycles of opening, resolution, and backsliding; see the power in the little "weak" stirrings of the Presence; stand in the Light patiently for the Light to do its work to remove fear, nurture humility and patience, strengthen compassion, reject self-inflation, possessiveness, defensiveness, grudge-holding, and injustice. Wow.
Stay low and teachable. Do not overreach. Keep turning to the Light, live what we have found so far, and we will keep changing. We grow in our ability to listen, to empathize, to feed the life of the spirit in others, to live in unity.
All this inner work and dwelling grows our roots deeper. And it is through living this that we find the words of ministry, to speak the story of the power that Light and love can exert over darkness.
This pamphlet is both instructive and inspiring on our spiritual development, Quaker worship, and vocal ministry.
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CP 391


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