Holistic economics and social protest

by John P. Powelson

Pamphlet, 1983



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CP 252


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 1983.

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The argument is excellent, the examples are dated. The argument is: look at the moral issues of society and the economy systematically and holistically, and get the information needed to understand the full impact of the problem and of any proposed solution or tactic of protest. The effects are complex [and often unexpected], so be aware. Your proposed solution could actually make things worse. Too frequently we generalize from anecdotes and our prejudices (e.g., prejudices against business), and the side effects of our passionately advocated programs would be harmful. And too frequently it is the poor who would suffer more. His examples illustrate how appealing witness or reform proposals may actually have detrimental total effects.
We are called to live by love, but not by uninformed judgments. The message is as valid today as ever.
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CP 252


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