Another will gird you : a message to the Society of Friends

by Mildred Binns Young

Pamphlet, 1960



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Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 1960.

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This is as relevant now as in 1960. Young is our Quaker prophet who condemns our excess and calls us to simplicity, to lower our level of consumption and address poverty and war. [And now global warming as well.]
What does our testimony of simplicity mean for us today? She argues that by and large,
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American Quakers, in 1960, live as beneficiaries of a society that is in plain contradiction to our principles. Our testimonies against war and preparation for war are increasingly compromised by our being bound into a system to which war and poverty are both integral. And we don't much attempt even to resist thus being bound.
We are called to strong witness today. We are called to claim the tool of nonviolent resistance, of our Quaker tradition, on behalf of all. Friends must take a radical stance, must shoulder the burden of hope. Discouragement is an act of unbelief. We are called to make our lives and act of belief.
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