To the refreshing of the children of light

by Geoffrey F. Nuttall

Pamphlet, 1959



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Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, [1959]

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While very scholarly, very Christian, and quite theological, this pamphlet has a nice friendly tone. It is pleasant but not particularly insightful.
The best of Quakerism, he says, includes: the strong personal quality in Friends' way of worship and life; Friends' sensitiveness to the moving of the
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Spirit; Friends' seeking to answer that of God in everyone; meeting often encouraging and liberating the Spirit; Friends' discerning of others' conditions; Friends' faith in and openness to there being a way of God in every situation, a way of conciliation and doors opening.
One valuable passage addresses vocal ministry. In a traditional Quaker view, only some are called to vocal ministry and given the requisite gifts. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit; it is charismatic (in the original sense). Recording of ministers witnessed to this recognition. Recording ministers led Friends to expect ministry from some, and to encourage young Friends in whom the gift was discovered to be obedient in its exercise. Now, with no recording, "is it not true that in some meetings there is now little genuine ministry?" And ministry requires study, thought, and meditation in preparation for worship. Ministers should prepare, by Bible study, learning a passage of Scripture or a poem, and also with watchfulness over the lower self, and love for the meeting.
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