Animus and anima

by Emma Jung

Book, 1957



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Thalwil : Spring, c1957.

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On the Nature of the Animus and The Anima as an Elemental Being: two classic papers on the psyche written by Emma Jung (1882 1955), psychoanalyst, writer, and wife of C.G. Jung. First published in English in 1955, they are required reading for training Jungian analysts. How do animus and anima, these all-important Jungian concepts, appear in dreams, fantasies, behavior, and mythology? This book maps a way toward an understanding of the union of opposites and the emergence of the self. There is wisdom in Emma Jung's words, simplicity in her style, and we feel the movement of animus and anima in her soul.

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It has been a while since I've read this book. But very clearly I remember that it presented the anima/animus concepts much more clearly than her husband. Based on the presentation, I suspect that these concepts might have been more hers than his; at the least, she seems to have developed them
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more. A lot of Jungian psychology gets a bad rap for subjectivity, but personality theories outside of depth psychology have confirmed that a move toward accepting qualities of the self denied early in life (here stereotyped by gender) is an important step in the maturation process at midlife. Even if you don't "buy the full myth," there is much truth to be found here for those who would look, and this concise presentation is an excellent entry point for those who would not delve fully into the integrated Jungian system.
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