Whoever You Are (Reading Rainbow Books)

by Mem Fox

Paperback, 2001



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HMH Books for Young Readers (2001), Edition: First, 32 pages


Despite the differences between people around the world, there are similarities that join us together, such as pain, joy, and love.

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[A] paean to diversity...especially suitable for classrooms.
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An essential book that acknowledges in the simplest of terms our common humanity.

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LibraryThing member luckybeans
This is a wonderful introduction to the universality of being human. I read this in preschool, and the kids get it. We may look different, live in different places, speak different languages, and eat different foods, but we are all people. Blood and love and tears and happiness are the same whoever
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you are, wherever you are, all over the world. A very powerful lesson that is shown, not explained.
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LibraryThing member cegordon
This book is about how everyone is different in cultures and lifestyles. However, we are all the same. We get sad, happy, laugh, and mad. All cultures have similarities. Even though we are far away, we are all the same.
LibraryThing member mlgonzales
"Little one, whoever you are, wherever you are, there are little ones just like you all over the world.'' Skin color, homes, schools, lifestyles, and languages may differ. Illustrator Leslie Staub shows how, in folk-art oil paintings mounted in gilded and jeweled wooden frames, but love and
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laughter, pain and tears are the same for all. The faces of the little ones in Staub's paintings are genuine and memorable as dolls. She uses bright colors for the landscapes and portraits for ethnicity, placing them in gold borders, set with jewels and molded from lifelike plaster and wood. This book simply states that there are children all over the world who may look different, live in different homes and different climates, go to different schools, and speak in different tongues but all children love, smile, laugh, and cry the same.
I enjoy reading this book to my own children and to the children at the daycare center. The children will point out some differences and similarities within their own families. I am truly amazed how each child will connect with this book.
In the classroom, I would take this book and inter-grade it several times throughout my years lesson plans, for African-American month, Hispanic month, and so on. I will take pictures of the entire class of children and mount them to a cardboard. I will give the children 2 blank 3x5 cards and ask them to write one difference and one simliarity that all the children have in common, then place the cards in a box. Pulling one by one the cards to see how very alike we all are. Seeking various feedback. Also, have the children bring pictures of their family and mount them as well.
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LibraryThing member dcoops2
The bright illustrations and the frame work of words appleas to childern of all ages. Knowing that throughtout the world there are many people with different ethnicity, language and culture, we are all the same on the inside and goes through love, pain and emotions like each other.
Embracing a
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culturally diverse society teaches you to accept and adapt to different forms of life. However, one has to remember, that though there may be a difference of race, we exist all around the world and we are all Gods children.
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LibraryThing member anngugat
Very uplifting book about how we are all ultimately the same wherever we live. I love how the beautiful illustrations expose children to cultures and people from all over the world.
LibraryThing member lecowan
In this multicultural book it talks about all the ways we are different from and the same as other people all over the world. The author describes a few basic things that we all have that are different from one another, but then starts describing a few basic things that we all have in common. The
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lesson from this book is that on the inside, where it counts, we are all the same.

I liked this book because of the simple language in it and because of the illustrations. The illustrator did a wonderful job portraying all of the people and items represented in this story.

I think I would use this book in my classroom by having my students interview each other in small groups. During these interviews I would have each student write a list of five things that their groups member have that are different from them and of what they have that are the same. After everyone has completed this activity, I would present this information on a class information chart for the children to refer to when needed. I think with having a reminder about how we are all the same, yet have a part that is unique helps us to better understand one another.
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LibraryThing member cbaughman524
This book was about children all over the world who laugh, cry, play, learn, eat, and sleep. There was one inparticular group of multicultural it focused on. Even though everyone in this book may not look the same, or speak the same language, and their lives may be different, but inside the
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children figured out they were all alike.

I really like these pictures, I think the little kids would love to see the pictures because they were very bright and had alot of children floating around the world. I like how the book also says we all may live different life styles but when it comes down to it we are all alike in some way,

In the classroom I would use this to read about all culturals and maybe have to kids parents cook food and have a multicultural day.
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LibraryThing member kristilunde
Vibrant paintings. A loving story that shows us how we are all alike even though we many look different or come from different places.
LibraryThing member AshleyHerrera
Whoever You Are by Mem Fox is a great book to teach children about the many diverse cultures in the world. The book explains how every person is different, but also shows characteristics that all human beings share.

I love this book. It has great illustrations that really allow children to take a
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look into what other cultures are like. I think this book is a great way to express the idea of equality to younger children. It allows children to understand that it doesn't matter how someone looks on the outside, because its the inside that matters.

A great way to extend this book into the classroom would be to pair up students and have them write down each other's differences and common interests, that way they can have a better understanding of how everyone is different, yet alike in certain aspects.
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LibraryThing member skpuckett
Depicts diversity in the world. Shows the different situations we come from and the various ways we learn. It also shows what we all have in common and that although we may be different in some ways, we are similar in far more.
LibraryThing member lwmasters
Great book which really shows diversity around the world. Has almost every ethnicity and culture inside this story. Shows wonderful pictures of how life may be in another culture.Would be a wonderful book to read to a multi-cultural classroom. Very detailed, colorful illustrations.
LibraryThing member ruthe002
Whoever You Are is a touching book that offers a valuable moral for all children: we are all the same. The illustrations are bright and eye catching and will encourage children to become intrested in the book. I would use this book in a unit about diversity or family and friends.
LibraryThing member vxz001
The narrator explains how there are children all over the world who are different to us but that they are also similar to us in many things. Basically, she is saying that we may look different from the outside but from the inside we all are the same.
LibraryThing member tas026
This book shows how it is very important to accept other just the way they are. Mo matter where they come from it is very important to remember that even if we look different from the outside we might have lots of things in common.
LibraryThing member sbhoward321
This is a book about informing children how everyone is different. We look different, do different things, wear different things, and live different places. Although we are all different, we are all the same inside and have the same heart.
LibraryThing member Madalyn333
This is a really sweet book that would be great for a unit on culture and diversity. Whoever you are talks about different cultures and how everyone gets happy, sad, and upset no matter where we are from. This book shows us that no matter who we are, we all share the same kinds of feelings. Very
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creative illustrations.
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LibraryThing member RAdarling
This was an amazing book portaying several different cultures. It was great because it showed how different cultures still experience the same feelings. I liked how on each page the same man with all the children appeared as if they were flying over the world.
LibraryThing member cbpritchard
The blending of cultures is shown in Whoever You Are. The lesson that no matter what color your skin is or what traditions your family practices, we should all be friends. The idea of acceptance and everyone being united as human beings is depicted.
LibraryThing member kefoley
This book is about different cultures around the world. It talks about different things people do in different countries and also the similarities that countries have. This book can illustrate to children the many different cultures that are in our world. It also has beautiful illustrations to look
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LibraryThing member samitay89
This book explains that no matter how different someone is by skin color, their home, and their language that they have similar things like laughing, love, happiness, being hurt, and tears.

I like this book because we look at people and pick everything that makes them different from us. I love how
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it shows us no matter one we still have similar things in comman.

I would read this the kids to show them that everyone is the same no matter the color of their skins. I would have them all share what they like so that they can see their similarties.
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LibraryThing member Doris.Biegler
Whoever you are is a sweet story for young children to see the difference between then and different cultures of children. It teaches that no matter how different we look or live or even how far away we live we are still all human.

I have always liked this story and the children in my class always
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want me to read it again. The pictures are very colorful and show so much to the children reading the story.

Ideas for extending this book are having the children talk about how they all look different from one another but also how they are the same also.
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LibraryThing member leila_library
A wonderful book with a multi-cultural perspective.
LibraryThing member MrzDee
In this picturebook children are introduced around the world a diversity of other children from different cultures. By using comparing factors and contrasting factors children will be enlightened that just because we dont all look the same. We all share common bonds.
This book is wonderful to me
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because my family is multicultural. I enjoyed sharing this with my children and husband. This book will contribute greatly to me as a teacher because it will help me break diversity barriers in the classroom.
In the classroom I could introduced sampling of different cultural foods, Italian,Mexican,and maybe American Indian. They could also draw pictures of how people use to travel. Ex: by horseback, cars, wagons,camels,and so on.
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LibraryThing member katykids
The message in this book is so heartwarming and important. I fell in love with it instantly. This book should be a required read for all young children because we have to start teaching tolerance and undertsanding.
LibraryThing member crystalmorris
The book's simple message is powerfully portrayed through easy, free-flowing text and beautiful illustrations depicting the various cultures, regions of the world, and emotions. Liked how each illustration appears to be a framed piece of art.




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