The Cow Who Fell in the Canal

by Phyllis Krasilovsky

Hardcover, 1981



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Doubleday & Company (1981)


Detailed watercolor scenes illustrate this amusing tale of Hendrika, a not-so-contented Dutch cow who floated on a raft to the city.

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LibraryThing member girlunderglass
Cute little children's book - and reading it while in Amsterdam made the descriptions of the markets, canals and buildings even more vivid.
LibraryThing member jnote797
The book includes scenes and illustrations from the cheese market at Alkmaar. It was delightful to find that the illustrations of the men in their white pants and shirts and colored straw hats with ribbons compared well to my photos of the market taken in 1978. Also a black and white drawing of a
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church steeple is obviously modeled after a church building in the square.
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LibraryThing member tsmith44
There are two reasons I really liked this book. The first reason being that the writing in the book was very descriptive. Even though some pictures in the book were in black and white, the words of the story painted a picture in my mind. This line from the book is a good example of that. “There
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were men wearing colored straw hats with streamers. There were balls of cheeses piled high.” Secondly, the plot in this book was not like anything I have ever read before. The main action in the book was that there was a cow floating down the canal. The book also had a really great message to it. Being adventurous and leaving the place where you are comfortable can open up your eyes to what is in the world.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Adorable. Probably more of a hit with children than with a (somewhat) cynical adult reading it for the first time. Simple & true message.


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