The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear

by Don Wood

Hardcover, 1997



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Child's Play (1997), Edition: Hardcover, 32 pages


Little Mouse worries that the big, hungry bear will take his freshly picked, ripe, red strawberry for himself.

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LibraryThing member sarahbassett
The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR is one of my most favorite children’s fictional books for two specific reasons: the point of view, and the illustrations. Throughout the book each of these reasons support the message of the story to its readers: don’t let fear
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prevent you from doing or getting what you want.

First, the narrator’s point of view enables this story to be very funny, unique, and engaging. The reader becomes aware that the point of view is of a narrator based off the first page which reads, “Hello, little Mouse. What are you doing?” The next page reads, “Oh, I see. You are going to pick that red, ripe strawberry?” Also, I love how the mouse looks as though he is looking directly at the readers, as though we are really conversing with the little mouse. Furthermore, I feel as though it is the narrator who is putting fear in the little mouse. Thus, the message of the story is derived from the narrator. The little mouse should not fear what the narrator is saying, and do what he wishes.

Next, the illustrations are absolutely fabulous throughout the whole book! I especially loved a particular page where the whole page looks as though it is shaking. The little mouse is holding the strawberry, and looks absolutely terrified. The text that coincides with this picture reads, “The big hungry Bear can smell a red, ripe strawberry a mile away…” So, the picture is showing how scared he is of this unseen bear.

Read this book! It’s such a cute read!
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LibraryThing member esproull
In this book, a little mouse picks a giant strawberry from the vine. The narrator then tells the mouse that the big hungry bear can smell a strawberry from a mile away and no matter how it is hidden, disguised, or kept in a safe place, the bear is sure to find it. Finally, the narrator convinces
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the little mouse that the only way to keep the bear from getting the strawberry is to cut it in half and share it. Colorful, detailed pictures help to tell the story.
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LibraryThing member conuly
This book is written in the form of a narrator talking directly to the main character, the little mouse. (Spoiler alert - there probably isn't really a bear.)

Very cute, very simple - each page has only one or two lines on it - and some clever illustrations (one one page, the mouse disguises his
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strawberry in a pair of fake glasses with a nose).

Only thing is that this book has been abridged slightly. The non-board book versions have a few illustrations that were left out of this version, and some of the two-page spreads in the other versions were cut down into one page in this version, making a few pages look a little choppy. Also, the last page of the book has become this book's back cover and blurb.

It doesn't ruin the book, or make it close to unreadable, but if I had to do it again I'd just buy the longer version to start with.
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LibraryThing member jpeer
Story about a little mouse who picks a strawberry and must find a way to hide it before the Big Hungry Bear comes. It is a sweet little tale with a funny little mouse. Love the illustrations in this piece.
LibraryThing member jgabica
This particular book demonstrates a story of fantasy by portraying a mouse puzzled with how to protect a giant strawberry that he's found from a hungry bear. The plot is very engaging as we delight with the mouse over the find of the delicious strawberry, agonize over how to protect the strawberry
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from the bear, and savor the strawberry with the mouse as he eats it at the conclusion of the story. The conflict in this book is self (mouse) vs. character (bear). Media: Pastels
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LibraryThing member TorrieM
This is about a little mouse who picked a strawberry. The other mouse told him that the big hungry bear would come and find it. He did everything he could to hide it. The other mouse told him the only way to keep it from the bear was to cut it in half and for them to share it, so they did. This
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book has very pretty illustrations and is a funny book to read to K-2nd grade. It will keep them wondering what is going to happen.
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LibraryThing member fullerl
Little Mouse is just about to pick a scrumptious looking strawberry when he learns about the Big Hungry Bear. The Big Hungry Bear loves red ripe strawberries! Out of fear of the bear, Little Mouse goes to great lengths to keep his strawberry safe, including nailing windows shut and barring doors.
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Finally he decides there is only one way to keep his strawberry safe from the Big Hungry Bear...he eats it himself!
The beautiful illustrations pay careful attention to details, such as each little seed on the strawberry and the blush in the mouse's cheeks. This is a story that is a joy to read again and again.
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LibraryThing member slblack2
Little Mouse is getting ready to pick a red ripe strawberry. However, the reader is telling him that that is not a good idea because of the Big Hungry Bear. The reader tells the mouse how much the bear loves strawberries and how he can smell them from miles away. Little Mouse gets scared and tries
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to hide the strawberry in the ground. Yet, the reader assures him that the bear could still find it. So, the mouse puts a disguise on the strawberry and even chains it up with a lock and everything. Still, the reader assures him that he will still get the red ripe strawberry unless he cuts in into and shares with him. That way there is no Red Ripe Strawberry that the Big Hungry Bear can get.
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LibraryThing member lwmasters
A young mouse finds a delicious strawberry and can't wait to take it home to eat later. However the mouse hears that a hungry bear is looking for the strawberry and can smell it no matter what. The mouse must find a way to get rid of the strawberry quick! A very cute read for young children. The
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illustrations go along with the book perfectly!
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LibraryThing member rachel0217
A tiny mouse tries to do anything to save his big, sweet strawberry. The mouse finally decides to eat it so the bear can't find the strawberry.
LibraryThing member AshleyCampbell
The reader is a part of the story in this format. He or she is assumed as interacting with the mouse; they ask questions and assume answers. The questions and answers would be a good way to introduce punctuation.
LibraryThing member cdswindle
Type: Intermediate Picture Book, Genre: Fastasy, Illustrations, Painted

Cute book about a mouse who is picking a ripe big strawberry. The mouse isquickly warned about the Big Hungry Bear who loves ripe Strawberries. The narrator tells the mouse that if shares the strawberry then the bear will not
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get it.

This book would be great for 1st-3rd graders.
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LibraryThing member jessgee
This book is about a mouse who wants to protect his red ripe strawberry from a big hungry bear. The big hungry bear is telling the mouse about how bears love red ripe strawberries, but the mouse doesn't know that the bear is actually the big hungry bear. The bear works this to his
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advantage, and talks the mouse into sharing his strawberry with him.

Personal Reaction:
This book was a fun book to read, because the pictures were so cute. The big hungry bear is quite the manipulator though.

Extension Ideas:
I could maybe use this book to talk about sharing, because in the end the mouse does share his strawberry with the bear.
I could use this book if we were doing a unit on eating healthy foods, or about gardening.
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LibraryThing member DanMan22
This book is about a mouse who picks a strawberry to eat. The mouse then trys to hide the strawberry so the bear won't find it. Eventually the mouse decides to eat it to prevent the bear from getting it.

The book is written and intended to be interactive as whoever is reading the book also becomes a
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character. The book is basically a conversation between the reader and the mouse. The mouse never actually speaks though. Which means the book is basicallly meant to be read aloud to children not for them to read on their own.

The book is very good, I really liked the way it was written to include the reader and the audience.
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LibraryThing member AmyElizabeth
I absolutely love this book. The pictures are amazing: so vivid and beautiful. This is such an adorable story, and it teaches a great lesson: sharing your treasures is much more enjoyable than hoarding them all for yourself! I also love how the bear is never revealed, but is such an integral part
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of the story. Don Wood has created a masterpiece.
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LibraryThing member shumphreys
This is a great teaching book for ages 1-99. Through brilliant and colorful illustrations, Don Wood is able to teach kids mathematical concepts like cutting a strawberry in half and vocabulary words like disguise. The moral of the story, sharing, is also very apparent. A timeless classic
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unparalleled by modern children's stories.
Grades 1-5. Group Read. Wide Wide Widest Appeal. Positives - Easy to follow illustrations, simple but teaching text, adorable mouse expressions. No Negatives.
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LibraryThing member linda-irvine
This is one of the my absolutely most loved kids books.
LibraryThing member kba13
The author shows that a little mouse can and will kieep the big ripe strawberry that he has found, from the big hungry bear. he tries to disguise it, hide it, and eventually eats it. All of this work, just so the big hungry bear will not get the mouses treat!
LibraryThing member rebecca401
The illustrations of the mouse as he struggles to keep the bear from finding his gigantic strawberry are what really make this book. It is very engaging. The expressions on the mouse's face are absolutely priceless. A wonderful book to be used as a read-aloud, especially for younger children.
LibraryThing member djd016
The story is about a little mouse that picks a red ripe strawberry until he is warned about the big hungry bear! The book is written and planned to be interactive where the reader becomes one of the characters. The reader then tells the little mouse all about the big hungry bear and how he loves
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red ripe strawberries. Little mouse then does numerous things to keep his strawberry safe. The reader then informs the little mouse that there is only one way to save the red ripe strawberry and that is to eat it all up!
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LibraryThing member JHamm
This cute book should be read by every child in this nation. It is a very interactive book and would be great to share with a classroom. Both a bear and mouse want a strawberry, in the end you get to see who ends up with it.
LibraryThing member ckarmstr1
This book was a childhood favorite of mine. The mouse learns of a bear that may come and take his strawberry. He does all he can to hide the strawberry: buries it under sand, disguises it, etc. The reader finally coaxes the mouse into sharing the strawberry with her because eating the strawberry is
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the only way the bear will not get it. This book teaches kids how to share and not be greedy. This is truly an adorable story that engages the reader.
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LibraryThing member whitneyfarmer
A little mouse picks a strawberry, and the reader explains that bears LOVE strawberry's. The mouse tries many ways to hide from the bear, but the reader informs the little mouse there is only one way to keep the bear away! That one way is to cut it into two pieces and share it with the
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I thought this was a very cute book. The illustrations of the little mouse are precious. You can truly see the fear in his eyes! I also liked how the reader is an actual main character of the story.
This would be a great asset to a lesson about sharing. Each child could bring a snack to share with the classroom as they read this story.
I also think this would be a great way to introduce a lesson on healthy foods. The teacher could bring in fresh strawberries for the classroom, and explain how important eating right is. Anything ranging from a tiny mouse to a big bear needs to eat a healthy diet!
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LibraryThing member aezeek
This was one of my favorite books while growing up. It tells the story of a mouse who is about to pick a red, ripe strawberry, but becomes interrupted by the narrorator of the story. The narrator warns the mouse that the hungry bear loves strawberries and can sense when one has been picked from the
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vines. The mouse then hurries and tries to hide, disguise, and guard the strawberry, but the narrator says that nothing can be done unless he cuts it in two and shares it with him. The mouse then slices it in two, eats his half, and then relaxes because now no bear will come looking for him!
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LibraryThing member willsl
In this book, the mouse is going to pick a strawberry to eat. The narrator is asking the mouse questions about a big hungry bear that likes strawberries. The little mouse at first want to keep the strawberry, but eventually learns to share. This is a great book and is requested by my students alot.



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