Fire Star (The Last Dragon Chronicles) #3

by Chris D'Lacey

Hardcover, 2007



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Orchard Books (2007), Edition: First Edition first Printing, 560 pages


David Rain is faced with the most perilous task yet when Gwilanna returns, this time determined to resurrect the dragon Gawain on the ice cap of the Tooth of Ragnar, unless David and her friends can stop her.


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560 p.; 5.5 x 1.75 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member bob_the_bilder
the book had a good story and I would read it agan
LibraryThing member SheilaCornelisse
A great cliff hanger!!! I can't wait to start the next in the series. This book centres around the Polar Bears and their role in protecting the fire tear. As David gets drawn further into the mystery of the dragons, the travelling through time rifts, the mythology of the dragons, and the existence
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of a God different from what Christianity teaches us, all remind me of Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" series. The only downfall to the book is the habit of referring to David as "the tenant." We already know his name and he has become part of the Pennykettle family, so why doesn't the author use it.. I guess it could be a reference to "Doctor Who" where the main character goes by the name "The Doctor: :) A definite read for all ages.
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LibraryThing member hpluver07
Probably the best in the entire series. Didn't like the ending very much
LibraryThing member The_Hibernator
This is the third book in The Last Dragon Chronicles (or whatever they've called it now...they keep changing). I think there are supposed to be seven of them. D'lacey has a good sense of humor and his characters are funny and endearing. The series is becoming more YA instead of children's, though.
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This book is supposedly for children 10+, but I wouldn't give it to a pre-teen. It has mild violence and allusions to premarital sex. Some of the characters are also becoming much less endearing, though I think this is because this third book is a turning point in which the story is becomes more complex.
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LibraryThing member roseleena
Fire star is a book that you would die for. Fire star is the third book in the serise. This is the blirb. there is a fire star coming
LibraryThing member roseleena2
This book is a book that is part of a serese that will blow your mind.I have read the first two books last year and they were fantastic.Here is the blerb on the back of the book.There is a fire star coming, signaling a time of new beginnings.A time for dragons to rise again.A researsh trip to the
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arctic and a contract for a new book-life can't get much better for david rain.But as soon as david finds himself in the icy climes,he begins to write his legend of bears,dragons,and mysterious fire star.Soon he realizes that his tale is begining to mirror real life,and that an old enemy is on her way to meet him.Can david thwart her terrible plan?Or will his world be destroyed forever?


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LibraryThing member PardaMustang
Fire Star was a wonderful continuation to the Last Dragon series. This book did take a progressively darker turn from the more light-hearted nature of the two previous books, yet the story was still engaging and left me ready to read more. Looking forward to the next book!
LibraryThing member chestnut.library
Quick read! and light hearted.
LibraryThing member bplteen
Review by: Trisha

Tough topics: violence/ death/ cruelty/ dark magic
David Rain is a college student on a trip to the Arctic to help him with the book he's writing. David has two clay magical dragons named Gadzooks and G’reth. Gadzooks helps him write when he's stuck. G'reth gives him a wish. On
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his trip David realizes that everything he writes becomes part of reality. His girlfriend Zanna also realizes. She starts telling David's college teacher about it. When the person asks David to show him David deleted it. Him and Zanna broke up. He left the Arctic to go back to the Pennykettle’s house. Liz Pennykettle kept him there for a while. She made him then make a clay dragon which would be given a fire tear to become magical. He sculpted it with his eyes closed to keep the image of a dragon that popped into his head. When the dragon was fully kilned he named it Golly Gosh. A few days later he noticed he had to go back. When he got back the evil witch Gwillana brought back the first ever true dragon Gawain. The Void magically made a spear come out of the ice, not knowing Gawains fire tear was in the ice. The Void stabbed him. Zanna came just in time to hear David tell them about Gawains fire tear. He died in Zannas arms.
The part I liked the best was when David made Golly Gosh. The part I disliked was when David died.
I think people who are really into dragons should read this trilogy (The Fire Within, Icefire and Fire Star) because that is what the books are about. All together I give this book a four, because it was good but it could have been better.
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LibraryThing member JanW.B1
Fire Star is the third book in the Last Dragon Chronicles, by Chris d'Lacey. The same characters that appeared in the previous books appear in this book. David is in the Arctic, studying global warming and writing a story. The story comes out to be true and Zanna disappears. At the same time, Lucy
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is abducted by Gwillanna. Gwillinanna wants to awaken Gawain, the last dragon, however she is defeated by a Fain. Grockle is awakened again and sets out to put Gawain's final piece together, but he is captured and Arthur, Lucy's father saves him. In the end, David sacrifices himself to save the world.
This was probably my favorite book this far into the series. If there was a six stars, I'd give it! It combines fantasy and sci-fi. I found the ending super- sad. I wonder what the next book will be about. I hope David survives(somehow), so we can see him in the next book. In all, I love this book!
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