The Bellmaker (Redwall)

by Brian Jacques

Hardcover, 1995



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Fic Jac





Philomel (1995), 336 pages


Worried about his daughter Mariel, Joseph the Bellmaker is led by a dream from Redwall Abbey to Southsward, where he is caught up in the battle between Squirrelking Gael and the vicious Foxwolf Nagru.


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1994 (original)

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336 p.; 6.3 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member jjmcgaffey
Fun, like most of the Redwall books. A bit scattered, since for most of the book we're dealing with 3-5 groups doing different things at (approximately) the same time - it actually gets the most unfocused just before the climactic battle, with Mariel in one place, Dandin in another, Joseph and the
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rescuers coming up, the Southsward group recruiting for battle, the villains making their plots...and a few pages back in peaceful Redwall, wondering what the adventurers are up to and dealing with their own adventure. Interesting variants on culture, from the Marshtoads to Southsward to Egbert the Scholar (who is a cultural rebel, though he can fall back into molespeech as necessary). Oh, and the Butcherbird, too. Ridiculous amounts of luck throughout most of the story, as the heroes run into and safely out of extreme danger (the Hole in the Sea, the flying mast, imprisoned by the hordebeasts...), and only evil creatures (and most of them spearcarriers) die. But the final battle is final for several of our friends, and there's even a violent death in Redwall (two, but one falls under "evil creature"). I was reading casually, and intermittently, for most of the book - but the climax made me late for an appointment, I had to finish it. The frame, and the revelation of who the squirrel and hedgehog were, was amusing. Good story - not deep (if I start going deep, the inherent prejudice against carnivores gets unpleasant), but fun on its own level.
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LibraryThing member jcsoblonde
The Bellmaker is one of my favorite Redwall books. I cried in it, but its really an enjoyable read! Highly recommended!
LibraryThing member smitkevi
This is a beautiful work of fiction that cleverly intertwines important values such as selflessness, love, and courage in a brilliantly vivid animal world. If I am ever to have children, I will definitely try my best to get them interested in Brian Jaques's Redwall books.
LibraryThing member Aaron.Korff
This is a tale about Joseph the Bellmaker and how he finds is daughter and defeats Urgan Nagru. Joseph has a dream that his daughter, Merial, and her friend Dandin are in trouble. He sets off to find them but has to go south across the ocean. He meets Finbarr Galedeep, and they sail south. Mariel
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and Dandin are captured by Urgan Nagru and his horde rats. They must escape and raise an army to fight the enemy. Joseph finally lands in Southsward and goes to get Merial. They both meet and they fight and retake Southsward.
This is a awesome book. I have read Brain Jacpues books for awhile and this is one of the best. I like how there are a bunch of little stories inside of the one big one. Brain Jacpues is always very descriptive. He can take half a page to describe the country side. My favorite character is Rab Steambattle the heroic otter. I also like Baggut because he was evil then turned nice. This is a amazing book the everyone should read.
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LibraryThing member nari123
very good, very well written

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