Unafraid: The Biblical Story of Mary (Lineage of Grace Series Book 5)

by Francine Rivers

Hardcover, 2001


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Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (2001), Edition: 4th Printing, 224 pages


Mary is one of the most revered women in history, but she was an ordinary woman striving to please God in the same way that women still do today. Readers are sure to gain a new appreciation of the familiar story through Francine's signature style. A study on the biblical text is included for personal or group study.

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LibraryThing member summerdinah
Unafraid by Francine River is a fictional account of the life and character of Mary of Nazareth. In Unafraid, Rivers explores and creates characters with great psychological depth. As I read this novel, I felt drawn to the characters situations as I related them to them with recollection of
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knowledge of historical biblical facts. Also, it allowed me to imagine and "step outside the box" in my own perception about thoughts and ideas that I would assume were truths concerning the character of Mary of Nazareth. The actual story unravels slowly with Jesus growing up and proving who he is; someone of great sacrificial notability. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys exploring historical figures within a fictional story. Unafraid is the fifth book in the Grace Lineage series by Francine Rivers.
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LibraryThing member MrsLee
About Mary, the mother of Jesus. An ambitious book, but my favorite part was the way she portrayed Joseph. I've always felt he had too little air time.
LibraryThing member l_millsaps
As Christians, we may find it a struggle to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas – the wonder, the joy, and the awesome thought that Christ would leave the glory of heaven to be born here on earth. We have heard the story so often that it begins to lose its power, becoming a part of the
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Bible we skim through instead of meditate upon. In her book "Unafraid", Francine Rivers breathes new life into Christmas by allowing us to experience the birth of Christ through the eyes of His mother, Mary. We are told of the sorrow of the Jews as they await a Savior; we experience Mary's joy as she is chosen by God to bear the Messiah; we see Joseph's struggle to accept what has happened and we feel the pain of their families rejection. Most moving of all, we witness the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, our Redeemer. In this fictional account of Mary's life, Rivers reminds us that Christmas is a time to not only celebrate Christ's birth, but our salvation as well.
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LibraryThing member bookworm12
The Lineage of Grace series consists of 5 books, all fictional accounts of biblical women in the genealogy of Christ. Rivers does a good job portraying each of the famous characters and giving their point of view in the unique situations. Most people are familiar with at least some of these
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stories, but reading a personal account shines a different light on the well-trod ground. The five books are listed below with the title and the woman they feature.

Unveiled – Tamar
Unashamed - Rahab
Unshaken - Ruth
Unspoken - Bathsheba
Unafraid - Mary

My favorite two of the series are Unveiled and Unshaken. I’ve always loved Ruth’s story and I knew very little about Tamar’s story. My lease favorite was Unspoken, which tells the story of David and Bathsheba. It was hard to connect to the characters' selfish motives.

One aspect I really like about the books is the fact that River prints the complete Biblical passage at the end. That allows the reader to see what she took from scripture and what she fictionalized. There’s also a devotional with relevant questions at the end of each book. I think they would be perfect for a small women’s Bible study or something similar, because the questions could spark good discussion.
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LibraryThing member nlpolak
Of the rest of the series, this story was by far the one worth waiting for! Unafraid: Mary is the telling of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection, all from the perspective of Mary and Joseph. At first, I wasn't sure that I would like it. But - as an historical account, this one rang the most true,
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and I would recommend it as a good read for Christmas and Easter. From start to finish, I found myself really absorbing each word, and reflecting on the Lord.

Mary's life was driven by the circumstances in which she found herself; and when she knew without a doubt that Jesus was the Son of God, it was interesting to me how she often seemed to nag Him. It made me reflect on just how much patience Jesus would have had with His family as well as His friends, and how much more love He had for everyone He met and those who rejected Him. It brought me to tears more than once, and made me stop to praise God for being such a worthy and willing sacrifice for us all. While each of the books in this series would be fine to read as standalones, it does help to read the entire series because they truly do prepare you for reading this one.
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