The family as a way into the future

by Elise Boulding

Other authorsHelen Barchilon Redman (Illustrator)
Pamphlet, 1978



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[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications ; 1978]

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Boulding gives us an enlightening sociological perspective on the family, all kinds of families, as the site in the chinks of the larger organization of society that provides support for individuation. She portrays family life as a dance of growth, with all the members both making their own moves
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and attuning to the others, and all the while changing, learning, and growing. With God's help, she says, the family is the best practice-ground for love, but we do need the help of a relationship with God. And it is family life that prepares us for constructive community life, where we build the future.
This is an interesting pamphlet that helps us understand what we are doing in family life, and how we might do it better.
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CP 222/1


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