Making a Portrait of Jesus

by John Lampen

Other authorsChel Avery (Editor), Rembrandt Van Rijn (Cover artist), Mary Helgesen Gabel (Designer)
Pamphlet, 2016



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CP 441


Wallingford, PA: Pendle Hill Publications, 2016.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
A well written pamphlet and one that held my attention through one sitting.

I enjoyed the fact that Lampen took his Bible verses mostly from the New English Bible of which I am not very familiar, forcing me to *think* about them a bit more deeply. I believe Lampen is a British Friend, and this Bible translation, published by the OUP, may be the one he most frequently uses.

This is an obvious choice of a pamphlet to use for an adult religious education class.
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LibraryThing member jwp_810-L
What was Jesus really like? The portrayals John Lampen got in childhood lacked vitality, so he returned to the records to discover Jesus for himself and found β€œan extraordinary man who was very different from what I expected.” In addition to offering a vivid description of β€œa man who was intensely alive,” John Lampen discusses how he created this portrait by sifting through varied and sometimes contradictory evidence to determine what is most likely to be true. Readers who are interested in Jesus as a historical figure, as well as those who seek to follow his teachings, will find much to think about in this portrayal. Discussion questions included.… (more)
LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
Lampen writes a portrait of Jesus, who preached and lived the practice of unconditional love toward all, as the reality of the kingdom of God. Lampen then explains the reasons for his interpretation of who Jesus was. He includes many specific references to the Biblical texts, chapter and verse, so readers can consider both his view and the source. Lampen's essay is a valuable addition to the modern Quaker literature on who Jesus was and is for us. He mentions several other Quaker writers on this among his suggested readings.
Lampen's 2-page epilogue is lovely, about the power of encounter with the serious gentle Jesus, before and after his death, and about the teaching of Jesus, that inspires us so that for two thousand years, we have continued to dream of and try to live into the realm of God that he described to us.
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