Reclaiming the transcendent : God in process

by Tom Gates

Paper Book, 2013



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Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill Publications, 2013.

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This pamphlet will be important for some or many Friends. Gates argues that our concept of God matters, since we need a concept that does not blind us to, but rather directs our careful attention to our own spiritual experience. For many Friends, this will be a panentheistic concept of God (rather
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than a supernatural theist concept), that balances both transcendence and immanence. Once we have a foundation of spiritual experience, we don't need to pay much more attention to the concepts, which come to seem like "notions" to us. We then focus on our spiritual life and community and the Way that we discover.
Gates seems to be saying that since many of us will only be able to "give over our own knowing," our concepts of God, as we develop our own experience, it is important to start with a concept that frees and helps us to open to the experience. He finds that these concepts for him come from process theology, which he goes on to briefly explain. He finds this all fits well with the early Quaker concept of God, of the Inward Teacher.
Gates's experience of searching for a concept of God that works for him in the modern world and in the Quaker Way must be shared by many Friends. This pamphlet is helpful and very interesting, with good information and clear reflection, written in a sweet and personal style.
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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Wonderful pamphlet. In very easy to understand language, Gates spells out process theology. The notion that God (by whatever name one is comfortable using) was a "watch maker" who wound the watch and now watches time run down has itself run out of time.

More in keeping with how some progressive
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Friends think of God today, may be best described by the term "panentheism": "God in everything, and everything in God."

Process theology helps to explain in fuller detail panentheism. This pamphlet does a good job of explaining process theology!
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