James Nayler speaking

by Brian Drayton

Other authorsDarcy Drayton (Cover artist)
Pamphlet, 2011



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CP 413


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 2011.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
This pamphlet includes a portion of Nayler's trial for blasphemy which is fairly autobiographical in content. But the pamphlet as a whole I found disappointing. It is filled with excerpts from various writings but it all seemed disjointed. Drayton could have done a much better job at presenting Nayler to us. In the end, it seemed I had neither read Nayler himself nor an essay about Nayler that had a coherent theme. At some point I will re-read it and may have a more favorable sense of its contents.… (more)
LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
This pamphlet is an introduction to the writings, the voice, and the ideas of this powerful, resourceful, and disturbing Quaker founder, from the first generation of Quakers.
The earliest Quaker preaching was a prophetic elaboration of the realization that Christ's spirit is present, active, and reliably knowable by all who seek it. By its nature, it contradicts many conventional values, offering a kind of freedom and power that can actually overcome evil, both inward and outward. This offer can be accepted by a unique spiritual method, epitomized (for Drayton) by the phrases "mind the Light" and "living in the Cross." (See Drayton's previous PHP #391.) The Quaker vision of humans, God, and their relationship was compelling in the 17th century, and it seems we modern Friends long for that compelling energy.
But Naylor's writings, that Drayton summarizes, and his life also give us valuable teachings about how hard it is as well as how glorious, to live under the direct guidance of the spirit. We have become aware of the pitfalls and mazes for those who claim the spirit's guidance too easily. Discernment and faithfulness are necessary, and the life with the spirit has complexity. Naylor's life shows that the Light brings both disturbance and reassurance, both convictedness and consolation, trouble and healing. We may restrict our availability to both aspects of life with the spirit, for the sake of comfort, but thereby we are impoverished.
A short biography of Naylor's life follows, 1618-1660. He was a Friend for about 8 years.
… (more)



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