The burning one-ness binding everything : a spiritual journey

by Bruce Birchard

Pamphlet, 1997



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CP 332


Pendle Hill, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, c1997.

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#332: Birchard writes of his own spiritual journey, of leaving behind religious images and beliefs that no longer made sense to him, and of learning how to open to the Spirit, of reading and thinking, to follow a path both experiential and intellectual to a faith anchored in experience of the
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living Spirit. He writes under a concern that Friends deepen and strengthen their spiritual lives, in order to maintain the treasure of unprogrammed Quakerism. He calls Friends to do this in a spirit of supporting and celebrating a wide range of spiritual experiences and theological interpretations, and also of recognizing the unity of all in the Spirit. He mentions many experiences, teachers, and books that have led him along his journey, with a helpful bibliography.
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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Powerfully written pamphlet that needs to be read widely! What is the nature of the Spirit? How is suffering and evil possible in a world infused with the Spirit?

Birchard has listed a Bibliography of books he considered helped him on his amazing journey.


0875743315 / 9780875743318

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Pendle Hill Pamphlet 332

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CP 332


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