The gathered meeting

by Steven Davison

Other authorsCarol Holmes (Editor), Mary Helgesen Gabel (Designer)
Pamphlet, April 2017



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CP 444 c2


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 2017.

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Davison describes what a gathered meeting is and lays out concrete things we can do to foster this experience of communion in our meetings more often. While it is impossible to fully convey spiritual experience in words, his descriptions may help us to avoid barriers and open to the way toward this
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quintessential Quaker experience of a shared sense of presence, knowledge of the Truth, unity, joy, and love. Some of his suggestions for worshippers and meetings may be familiar: come prepared, on time, seasoned by regular devotional practice, deepen the vocal ministry, hold the meeting and each other in the Light; but new and old, they are powerful seen together.
He declares that meetings need to take responsibility for preparing worshippers, with a robust religious education program about Quaker faith and practice, and a meaningful approach to spiritual formation. Rising to this challenge, both as individuals and meetings, can lead us to the distinctive form of spiritual experience that Friends can offer of the gathering presence of the Holy Spirit. And he points out that it is in this encounter that Quakerism remains a living evolving religion.
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LibraryThing member kaulsu
This is a fabulous Pendleton Hill pamphlet. But I must ask: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING to name it after Thomas Kelly's book by the same title? Such a shame.

Davidson did a wonderful job of putting in writing how possible it is to remain open to the Lord, Spirit, Source (name it what you will) in
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religious venues that are unlike one's normal setting for worship. I especially found resonance with the notion that "we are all clerks" (25). Just as holding the recording clerk in the Light while contemporaneous minutes are being written produces demonstrably a better record, it would seem to me that Davidson's admonition that we all bear responsibility to listen for the movement of the Spirit, and to help move the body towards the Truth.
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CP 444 c2


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