A Pocket Full of Kisses

by Audrey Penn

Paperback, 2004



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Scholastic (2004)


Chester Raccoon is worried that his mother does not have enough love for both him and his new baby brother.

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LibraryThing member kidlit9
Chester Raccoon needs more kisses as he adjusts to his younger brother, Ronny.
LibraryThing member aengle
K-3. Great to teach students how important it is to treat siblings and other with respect and to always help one another out.
LibraryThing member katitefft
This story is a wonderful modern fantasy that uses raccoons to teach children about unconditional love. The mother raccoon gives both Chester and his baby brother Ronny Kissing Hands, but Chester gets very possessive and jealous. The mother raccoon, who obviously could not talk in real life, then
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tells her baby raccoons a story about stars to illustrate that her love for her children is unconditional, and that everyone's role in the family is special and important. This is a lesson that will truly benefit children who read this story.
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LibraryThing member Sunflower6_Cris
Chester the racoon is worried that his Mom won't have enough love for him and his new baby brother. She gives him kisses that he can put in his pockets to remind him how much she loves him when he is away from her.
LibraryThing member lrflanagan
Becoming a big brother can be hard, but Momma Raccoon knows exactly what Chester needs. She encourages him to keep in mind that she can never run out of kisses no matter how many she gives him and his brother, but she know that big brothers might need a little extra love sometimes. Some
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preschoolers need to learn to be patient with their younger siblings, and this story depicts that well.
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LibraryThing member JMRosecrans
Children with siblings often feel jealous. In this book, Chester Raccoon is jealous of his baby brother and his mother helps him to see that she loves both of her babies the same.

The use of animals makes this book appealing to young children and makes it fun to read. It seems like a wonderful
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bedtime story!
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LibraryThing member JaclynPoe
This is a wonderful book about the addition of a new little addition to a family. This book is a fabulous way to introduce the thought of another baby in a household, it will help an older sibling to cope with their new role in the family. I believe this book would be most suitable for 2-7 year
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LibraryThing member cclark37
Summary: "A Pocket Full of Kisses" is a children's story about Chester the raccoon. Chester has always loved getting kisses from his mom. When Chester recieves a new baby brother however, he becomes worried that his mom will not have enough kisses for the both of them. To fix this, Chester's mom
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assures Chester that she will never run out of kisses. She kisses his hand and tells him that if he ever needs comfort, he can transfer the kiss to his cheek to make him feel better.

Review: This is the second story in the series by Audrey Penn. In this installment, Chester the raccoon becomes worried that his mom will be unable to share kisses between him and his new baby brother. I think this would be a great read for younger children. It teaches a good lesson about the complexity of families and how it is important to share love among everyone. What really sets this picture book apart though, are the colorful illustrations that show the family of raccoons interacting.
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LibraryThing member CRoss13
I enjoyed this book! I loved the bold and colorful illustrations. The illustrations really enhanced the text and brought the story to life. Throughout this book, the author uses a lot of descriptive language which also enhances the book. An example of this is "Chester grinned so wide, the tips of
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his silky black mask crinkled upward." The characters, mainly Chester, are easy to relate to! In this book, Chester is jealous of his new baby brother. The main message of this story is that no matter how many brothers and sisters you have, your parents still love you all equally!
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LibraryThing member jfe16
Chester Raccoon’s little brother plays with his toys, reads his books, and follows him everywhere. Chester wants to give him back. Mother Raccoon explains that Ronny just wants to be like Chester. She gives Chester a kiss in the middle of his palm. When she does the same for Ronny, Chester
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worries that Mommy Raccoon doesn’t love him any longer. So she tells him a story about the stars and the sun and Kissing Hands.

The Lexile Level for this book is, as with many picture books for young children, adult directed. The 580 Level is far beyond the reading skills of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children. However, this follow-up to “The Kissing Hand” is a delightfully-illustrated tale that will enchant children and parents alike. It’s a perfect book to share with a big brother or sister; the charming story is sure to be a favorite, requested to be read again and again.

Highly recommended.
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