Ten Thank-You Letters

by Daniel Kirk

Paperback, 2014



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Nancy Paulsen Books (2014), Edition: 1st, 30 pages


While Pig is trying to finish a thank-you note to his grandmother, his best friend Rabbit repeatedly interrupts to borrow supplies for a series of his own notes, thanking all of the special people in their lives.

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LibraryThing member Sullywriter
Simple story with good message and appealing illustrations.
LibraryThing member CommunityLibrarian
A great model of every day thankfulness. While Pig is writing a detailed thank-you letter to his grandma, friend rabbit stops by and is inspired to write a series of thank-you notes to the people in his life.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Rabbit and Pig, those two friends whose story began in Ten Things I Love About You, return in this second picture-book devoted to their adventures. When eager Rabbit interrupts Pig during the process of writing a thank-you letter to his (Pig's) grandmother, he is inspired to write a series of
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thank-you letters himself. His continual interruptions, and borrowing of envelopes and stamps cause some annoyance for his friend, until he delivers his final thank-you note...

Like its predecessor, Ten Thank-You Letters pairs a sweetly engaging and humorous tale of two friends with appealing multi-media illustrations. The story formula here, in which an over-eager friend continually pesters his much put-upon companion, is similar to that found in such books as Jory John's Goodnight Already! and its sequels, and works very well as a means of exploring the ways in which very different personality types can get along. As with the earlier book, I appreciated the textured feeling of the artwork, which is no doubt owing to the fact that some of the illustrations are painted on wood. Recommended to anyone who read and enjoyed the first book about Rabbit and Pig, and to anyone looking for children's stories about gratitude and saying thank-you.
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