The happy Hollisters and the Indian treasure (The Happy Hollisters, No. 4)

by Jerry West

Paper Book, 1953



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Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, ©1953.


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The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure: (Volume 4) by Jerry West
This story starts out with the family helping a local Indian with a missing package. They figure out it went to the wrong street and located it and brought it back to Indy.
He was to set up at a fair the next day, selling hand
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made Indian souvenirs. We have traveled to Peach, NV and saw the Indians made the jewelry and discover so much more about them.
While the family will be traveling to New Mexico to buy the store there that is closing they go to help Indy at the fair.
So many new experiences for the family. Especially love the time spent with the tribe and the things they learn. Love how they are able to piece together clues to catch some bad guys, find treasures and find the hidden meaning of the turquoise.
Such a fun read. Next one picks up where this one leaves off...
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