Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home

by Eric Kim

Hardcover, 2022


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Korean -- KIM

Call number

Korean -- KIM


Clarkson Potter (2022), 288 pages


"An homage to what it means to be Korean American with more than 85 delectable recipes that explore how new culinary traditions can be forged to honor both your past and your present. New York Times staff writer Eric Kim grew up in Atlanta, the son of two Korean immigrants. Food has always been central to his story, from Friday-night Korean barbecue with his family to hybridized Korean-ish meals for one--like Gochujang-Buttered Radish Toast and his Kimchi Fried Rice--that he makes in his tiny New York City apartment. In this book, Eric shares these recipes alongside insightful, touching stories and stunning images shot by photographer Jenny Huang. Playful, poignant, and informative, Korean American: A Cookbook also includes essays ranging from the life-changing act of leaving home and coming back, to what Thanksgiving means to a first-generation family both conceptually and culinarily--all the while teaching readers about the Korean pantry, the history of Korean immigration in America, and the importance of white rice in Korean cuisine. Recipes like Sheet-Pan Bibimbap with Roasted Fall Vegetables and Caramelized-Kimchi Baked Potatoes demonstrate Eric's prowess at introducing Korean flavors to comforting American classics, while a dish such as Meatloaf-Glazed Kalbi with Gamja Salad does the opposite by making a traditional Korean dish immediately more familiar through the addition of a beloved American flavor profile. In this book of recipes and thoughtful insights, especially about his mother, Jean, Eric divulges not only what it means to be Korean American but how, through food and cooking, he found acceptance, strength, and the confidence to own his story"--… (more)


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288 p.; 10.26 inches

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