Magic Tree House #37 - A Merlin Mission: Dragon of the Red Dawn

by Mary Pope Osborne

Hardcover, 2007



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Random House Books for Young Readers (2007), Hardcover, 108 pages


When Merlin is weighed down by sorrows, Jack and Annie travel back to feudal Japan to learn one of the four secrets of happiness.

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108 p.; 5.9 inches

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LibraryThing member herebedragons
This is the most recent Magic Tree House book (although we've come nowhere close to reading the rest of the series). My son and I both enjoyed this book, which is set in 17th century Japan. We meet the famous poet Basho, who was well known for writing in the style that later evolved into Haiku (the
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book tells us that he wrote Haiku, but that's contrary to some research we did on our own after reading the book). The children are sent back to Japan in order to find one of the secrets of Happiness, and end up having to figure out a way to save Edo from burning to the ground.
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LibraryThing member skeeterbo
I liked it because it was about dragons and the samurai warriors. The guy that Jack and Annie was with trained to be a samurai warrior. When he was a young man, he wanted to be a poetry writer. He is the teacher of the samurai now.
LibraryThing member cody.parker
jack and mary go to there tree house and they noticed that one of there books started to glow. so jack picks it up and reads the book and it takes them to a chinese place and they had to go and fight a dragon. mary noticed the book was glowing again and it took them even closer to the dragon. so
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once they saw the dragon they noticed that the dragon was huge and so they had no swords and so they go back and get some swords and fought the dragon. so then as they difeated that dragon they noticed that there was a nother dragon and so the village screamed and ran in fear . So mary and i go to the dragon and kill it it was even bigger than the first one.once they killed that dragon they got all the people back and they were happy.After that we went back to our tree house and was happy at the end of the day.
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LibraryThing member Zacswic
This book is about finding the first secret of happiness for Merlin. This time they go to old japan where they find themselves in the imperial garden a long time ago. But then samurais come to meet them but thankful basho the great poet mistakes them for his students and they go to the city of Edo
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which is also Tokyo. Edo was on fire. But thanks to the cloud dragon Jack and Annie saved Edo. I will recommend this book to people who really want to learn about Japanese culture.
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LibraryThing member StLo1016
This is the 37th magic treehouse book. It is based in Japan in the 1700s, this is a ok book very easy for some.
LibraryThing member nicoally
This book is an easy reader chapter book for 7-10 year-olds from the Magic Tree House series. In this adventure Jack and Annie receive an assignment to find the secret of happiness from ancient Japan by in their magic tree house. While in Japan Annie and Jack meet a famous poet, Basho, spend most
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of the book avoiding the samurai, and save the city from a fire with the help of the Cloud Dragon. While many enjoy the Magic Tree House series, I could not get into it. I thought the plot was a little flat and did not seem complete. I did like that it provided accurate historical content at the end of the book; however, most of the historical information was found at the back of the book and not necessarily embedded into the story. I have not read other Magic Tree House, so I am not able to compare it to others in the series. I will say that the themes and vocabulary worked well for its targeted audience. I would try other book in this series before I would pick this one.
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LibraryThing member Brandon.Bsto6922
This is a book about jack and Annie’s adventures to the Japanese imperial city. they go there on a quest to help their friend merlin find the happiness in life. When they arrive in the imperial Gardens they saw a samuri leader and his followers they had a book with them to time them what happened
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in history in they time that there in. has they started to clim down the tree house they saw two samuri and an old man. they started to run away becouse they read that all men and women in the city and gardens had to have pass ports which they did not have. when they did the samuri chased them down and cought them. the old man quickly saved them bye telling the samuri that there his students named baku and koto. when the samuri stop and made them recite a poem becouse that is what the old man named Bansho teaches. Annie was good at it so she had no problem but jack had a huge problem beacouse he couldn't remember one not even a samll rym. some how they got passed the samuri and left the imperial city. they hurried to the home of bansho with his permition they could stay there for the night. As they were sleeping a fire started in the city and since it has been so dry latly it lighted up in flames. so they went to try and help bansho try to put out the fire. They couldn't do it bye there selves so they ran back to bansko's home and got a magical wand that there friends gave them before they went on the trip. so they used it and poof a dragon comes out of noware and lets them clim on here back as they were flying to the city they Figured out that they were rideing on a dragon called The Cloud Dragon. he cammandes the rain and thunder clouds of japan. So as that got closer to the city clouds came out of the dragons mouth and more and more untill the entire sky was dark and then it started to rain and the rain put out the fire and all was well again.
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LibraryThing member DanielleHuslinger91
This book is about Jack and Annie who have a magic tree house that sends them to different times to help people. In this book they are sent back to the ancient Japan to find one of the secrets to happiness to make Merlin feel better. This is a good book for 8 year old. This book would be good for a
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lesson on the traditions of Japan. Did Jack and Anne follow these traditions while they were in Japan? What could they have differently?
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LibraryThing member benuathanasia
I picked this book up expecting to feel brain cells dying as I read it. I was very wrong; I can see why my students enjoy this series so much. It's very well written (albeit extremely simplistic) and interesting. It was an extremely quick read and is educational, to boot!
LibraryThing member cindyzhou2010
i like the dragon
LibraryThing member ladypembroke
Very nice visit to 17th century Japan. I want to learn more about Basho myself now!

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