Frog and Toad Together (I Can Read Level 2)

by Arnold Lobel

Hardcover, 1972



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R Lob (c.1)





Harper & Row (1972), Edition: 1st, 64 pages


Five further adventures of two best friends as they share cookies, plant a garden, and test their bravery.

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64 p.; 6 inches

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
The second of Arnold Lobel's four Frog and Toad story collections for beginning readers - the first being the Caldecott Honor Book Frog and Toad Are Friends, and the third and fourth being Frog and Toad All Year and Days with Frog and Toad - this delightful little volume, together with its three
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companions, was one of my reading staples, as a young girl. Like all the Frog and Toad books, it contains five brief tales, each of which highlights some important characteristic of one or both of its amphibian heroes, and each of which benefits from Lobel's uniquely understated sense of humor, compassionate eye for the (very human) foibles of his subjects, and appealing artwork.

In A List, we see the dangers of becoming too inflexible about our plans and routines, when Toad makes a list of things to do one day, and then, finding himself deprived of that list by the wind, refuses to do anything at all! The Garden follows Toad as, determined to have a beautiful garden like Frog, he impatiently waits for his seeds to grow, trying everything he can, from playing his violin to haranguing them, to hurry their germination along. Cookies offers a hilarious examination of will power and indulgence, as Frog and Toad discuss the necessity of putting away the cookies they are enjoying, all while they continue to eat. The 'successful' solution supplied by Frog ends up a temporary measure, at best! Inspired by the fairy-tales they have been reading, Frog and Toad set out to explore in Dragons and Giants, encountering a number of terrifying dangers - everything from snakes to avalanches - and insisting (even as they flee and hide) that they are not afraid. Finally, Toad's fantasies of being the best (and of showing up his friend) lead to unexpected - but thankfully unreal - results in The Dream.

As always, when rereading one of these classics of beginning-reader literature, I am struck by the immense authorial skill it takes to accomplish so much - to communicate such subtle nuances of emotion; to explore, both humorously and compassionately, the vagaries of personality, and of human (I mean amphibian!) friendship - with such a limited vocabulary. It's simply astonishing! Unlike the earlier Frog and Toad book, which won a Caldecott Honor for its artwork, Frog and Toad Together was awarded a Newbery Honor for its text - one of the few early readers that can boast that distinction - and it not difficult to see why! Of course, the artwork is also immensely appealing (as is always the case with Lobel), making this an ideal title for young children just getting going with independent reading. Highly recommended, to all young frog and toads (I was, and still am more of a Toad than a Frog) looking for good books!
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LibraryThing member ChelseaHopton
This book is great for a beginning reader or even to read to a child who cannot read yet. This book is recommended for ages 3-8. This is a great story and is also a Newberry Honor book. This story is about a frog and a toad who are the best of friends that do everything together. This story shows
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friendship and humor throughout the book. This book is sure to be enjoyed by a child who loves stories about friendship. Read to see what adventures the frog and toad go on!
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LibraryThing member jjones58
This is a great transitional chapter book about two best friends Frog and Toad. The text is very simple and is great for first, second, and third graders who are working up to the level of reading full chapter books. The two always back each other up and show the reader what a true friendship look
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like. For example, Frog has an amazing garden that is an inspiration for Toad's and with Frog's help, Toad builds his own. Each story in this chapter book are short and simple, yet enjoyable so it makes for an easy read that flows with ease for beginning chapter book readers. The illustrations are simple as well, but go along with the story perfectly and give readers a visual of exactly what is happening on each page. The main idea of this story is to be a good friend who always support and defend one another.
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LibraryThing member MrsLee
Love Frog and Toad. I especially love the pictures, and the fact that my children really wanted to read this book, unlike some other "easy readers".
LibraryThing member jeriannthacker
Five stories about all the fun things frog and toad like to do together. Great beginner reader, classic storylines, simple illustrations. Newberry Honor Book
LibraryThing member Omrythea
I adore Frog and Toad. Perfect books for early readers. The humor is greatly appealing to young children and the chapters are short and managable. Delightful!
LibraryThing member sharmon05
Even though Frog and Toad are not humans, they sure act like them. They do many of the same activities and think like humans. This quality makes this book a good example of a fantasy. This book also has a great plot. Each chapter has its own events that are needed for a good plot. There is always a
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good conflict and resolution.
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LibraryThing member aconant05
Frog and Toad make lists, teach one another how to have will power, plan a garden, and try to be brave together.
LibraryThing member sharty
The endearing friendship of frog and toad is explored in five stories in this book. They look for lost buttons, wait for the mail, make up stories, go for a swim, and take joy in the coming of spring.
LibraryThing member cmiersma
This is a good fantasy book because the animals talk in the book and so the events in this book could never take place in the real world. The setting does however take place in a world that seems similar to Earth, which is also another aspect of fantasy. The setting builds on the storyline in each
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chapter through the illustration.
One could use this book in a classroom to teach children friendship and the importance of having at least one very close friend that you can share many things with.
The media is oil paints.
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LibraryThing member saralogue
All of the Frog and toad books have interesting vocabulary that is easy enough for early readers, but is diverse enough to hold the attention of older readers. Frog and Toad offer life lessons about priorities in life, and true friendship. They have peaceful yet exciting adventures, and the
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chapters always end well- which is wonderful for small children.
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LibraryThing member beckie05
This is a story about a great friendship. Sometimes the world seems strange and dangerous to them, but as long as they have their friendship--there's nothing they can't do.
I really liked this book because it shows the bond of a great friend and the impact they can have in your life. One extension
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idea is I can have my students write a story about them and their best friend. Also, we can talk about the difference between a frog and a toad.
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LibraryThing member Doris.Biegler
Frog and toad together is a wonder beginner’s reader’s book for any child. Frog makes his list of things he needs to do that day and most of the jobs have toad involvd. They have a great time together and the story is fun.I

I have always loved the stories as a child and also as an adult it
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brings back so many memories. Like when I would read little bears a book also written by the same author. The pictures are simple but fun.

Ways to extend this book are to have the children make their own list of things they do during the day, this will help with their writing skills. They can exchange them with a friend and read each others list.
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LibraryThing member LanitaBostic
Frog and Toad Together is book of stories about best friends Frog and Toad and some of the things they do together. One of the short stories "The List" is a strory about Toad and a list he makes for his entire day. The list begins with waking up, going to best friend Frog's house, having lunch, and
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a number of other things. Unfortunately, a strong winds blows Toad's list away and he becomes upset. He does not know what to do. Whatever the case, the two friends are together. Another story talks about how Toad makes a very tasty batch of cookies and shares them with best friend Frog. The cookies are so good, the two friends have a hard time putting them away. They have such a hard time stopping, they eventually give the cookies to the birds. Frog and Toad have several adventures togethey and they do everything together.
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LibraryThing member renee.sutter
This easy reader is one of many in the frog and toad series. This book seems to teach kids about friendship at every turn. I loved the adventure they go on together. Frog and Toad have at many times the same logic as age level its written for which I think helps the young reader relate better. One
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example of this is when they are trying to have willpower and not eat the cookies but in the end they fed the cookies to the birds and then decided to bake a cake.
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LibraryThing member tiburon
This small collection of stories both teaches and entertains. Frog and Toad are sweet as friends and they continuously learn from llfe experience and each other.
LibraryThing member raspringrose
The first story talked about Toad making a list of what he had to do that day. He then did some of the things on the list, and went on a walk with Frog. The list blow away and they looked for it for a while, and then they just stopped and went to bed. The next chapter was about Toad trying to grow
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his own garden but gets mad when it will not grow and begins to yell. After Frog points out that it will not work with him mad, Toad starts to be loving and the garden finally grows. The next chapter Toad made cookies and him and Frog ate to many and tried to stop, so they fed them to the birds. The next chapter the two friends read a book, and wanted to be brave like the characters in the book, so they go on an adventure. They had many scary things happen to them but were brave throughout the whole adventure. The final chapter Toad has a dream that he was in a play, and frog was the only on in the audience. When he woke up he told Frog about the whole dream. This is a great read for a beginner reader.
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LibraryThing member KellyBryan
I have always loved Frog and Toad. They are fun short stories that are easy for any child to enjoy. The pictures that accompany the stories are delightful and humorous. It is a great way for children to understand the relationship between two friends and how they help each other out.

In class, you
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can have your students get together in groups and come up with another adventure for Frog and Toad to share.
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LibraryThing member awidmer06
Genre: Fantasy Age Appropriateness: Intermediate Review: This book is a good example of fantasy because the story is believable but would not happen in reality because the frog and toad are personified. Frog and Toad are always together in the story. There are five chapters about flowers, cookies,
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bravery, dreams and most of all, friendship. Fantasy does not deceive, but tells the truth that children cannot understand unless in an imaginary story. By using your imagination, you are able to connect and relate to Frog and Toad's story. Media: This book is a good example of ink and wash because the characters and scenery are outlined with ink and filled with watercolor. The pictures allow readers to connect to the writing on a deeper level.
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LibraryThing member kdcoshatt
This book is about two friends named Frog and Toad. They are best friends who like hanging out together doing different things. They go for walks, go on adventures, and dream big dreams. It is a story of simple friendship and love.
LibraryThing member mel2209
Frog and Toad Together is a compilation of stories about various adventures of two best friends, Frog and Toad. The adventures included in this book cover important topics such as bravery, friendship, will power, and gardening. An example of one story is when Toad makes a list, and is so rigid in
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following it that once he loses it he will not do anything for the rest of the day, because it wasn't on the list.

I enjoyed this book and think it has many good lessons to learn through the short stories. I think children who are just really learning to read, past sight words and basic picture books, but not quite to chapter books yet would really enjoy it. The words and concepts are fairly easy to understand and read, which would be very encouraging to them.

This would be a good story to use in the classroom. An example of an application that it would be useful in is silent reading time. This book is possibly more challenging than what some students are used to and would be good to help them advance. Also, it would be good in a biology lesson where you were going to plant flowers. The second story in the book is about gardening and would be a wonderful conversation starter for what to do and not to do with your plants. Third, it would be wonderful as an example on how to write and develop their own short stories.
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LibraryThing member cry6546
In the stories of Frog and Toad, they go through many adventures and get through them together. The first chapter is about Frog creating a list and having to abide by it strictly. The list is then lost and Frog decides he cannot catch it because that is not on his list. Another story is about how
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tough it is to have willpower when eating cookies. Frog and Toad try everything to get rid of the cookies. Once they have given the cookies to the birds, Toad decides to go bake a cake.

I loved the stories of Frog and Toad. The stories have a great them of friendship. Each chapter has a different theme that is realistic to what children face daily.

One activity could be to write a list of things to do. We then will have to follow the list. If we forget a step on the list, we then as a group will decide what we'll have to do. In another activity, the children can draw a picture of their best friend and write about why they are best friends.
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LibraryThing member karawaller
This book has five different stories in it about a frog and a toad. The first story is called A List and is about Toad making a list of things to do that day. While Toad and Frog were walking, Toads list flew away. Since he last his list, he decided he could not do anything else that day because he
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did not have his list. Frog decided to sleep and Toad remembered that was on his list, so they both feel asleep.

As a little girl, I loved reading these stories. I love that Toad and Frog have such a great friendship and that they are there to help eachother.

In the classroom, I would have the children discuss the things they do in the morning to get ready for school. Then I would have the children make a list of things they planned on doing when they got home from school.
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LibraryThing member csweat
Frog and Toad are best friends and they do everything together. There are four different adventures that they have. They go on a walk and Toad loses his to do list. Then Toad plants seeds for a garden and has trouble waiting for them to grow. Next, Toad shares the cookies he baked with Frog. The
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last story was my favorite. Toad had a dream that he could do everything better than Frog until Frog was now longer around. Toad realized in the end how important his friend was.
I have best friends that are always there. I think this book would help the students to appreciate their friends. They might also learn how to be a better friend. Toad and Frog always stuck together no matter what problems they faced.
In the classroom, I would have the children pair up and draw the outlines of each other. The students would lie down on the paper and their partner would draw their outline. Next, they would then draw that person with clothes,glasses, hair and shoes. Then they would get up in front of the class and tell about their friend.
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LibraryThing member loadedbs
This story revolves around two very close friends and several experiences they share together. In One part of the book toad makes cookies that are delicious and takes them to frog who decides that they are the best cookies ever made. The problem is neither can stop eating them. They realize they
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need to stop but don't know how. They decide they must get will power to help them stop, but after trying many things to help them out they give the cookies to the birds. frog now decides that the two have gotten will power, but Toad decides he needs to go bake a chocolate cake.

Each chapter in this book is a funny story in its own. From fear to patience it places you in the book based on the feelings you have felt in the past.

Students could learn about friendship, loyalty, the idea of not judging people and just simple things like how important patience is.
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