Unlearning God : how unbelieving helped me to believe

by Philip Gulley

Other authorsJessie Sayward Bright (Cover designer), Anna Thompson (Designer)
Hardcover, 2018



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New York : Convergent Books, 2018.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Gulley is a good writer for "theology lite" when it comes to Christianity. I should state here, for those who don't know, that Gulley is a Quaker Pastor in Indiana. As a "progressive" Quaker, I don't find much to agree with his arguments, yet here I am reading him once again. He seems to be onto something, though, with his observation that too many of us don't take the time to argue with our own thoughts about God, about religion, about our obligations to the world at large.

I read the 10 minute chapters at night before retiring, sort of as a thoughtful way of dozing off...a daily practice I am more or less successful in keeping. Each chapter ends with a "Why this matters," conclusion. Actually, this was the most valuable part of the book, since I don't take much pleasure in dissecting why other people's religion "just ain't right."

Gulley has grown more accessible to me since he and James Mulholland wrote [If Grace is True], which I disliked so much, on several levels! However, this is not a review of that book!

Gulley is a good speaker, if your group is looking for one.
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