Art imagery and the mythic process

by Dorothea Johnson Blom

Pamphlet, 1977



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CP 215


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 1977.

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Blom discusses what myth does for us and the crucial role of art in conveying it and making myth concrete and effective for us. Art imagery is a link between outer reality and our inner consciousness. It has great power for us, more than just words do, she asserts, to teach, affirm, and reform assumptions about the outer and inner world, how to perceive it, and how to live in it. We build an inner vocabulary of images to put us in touch with the intangibles that vitally determine our lives. And she describes how we can take initiative to explore the mythic system, to find the images we need for our healing and growth.
Blom reviews some art of traditional mythologies and mandalas as a mythic tool. This pamphlet is interesting and suggestive, from a wise and knowledgeable author. Blom wrote six PHPs, #128, 148, 183, 197, 215, and 232, all recommended.
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CP 215


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