Madeline's rescue

by Ludwig Bemelmans

Paper Book, 1953



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New York : Scholastic, [199-?], c1953.


A hound rescues a schoolgirl from the Seine, becomes a beloved school pet, is chased away by the trustees, and returns with a surprise.

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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Parisian schoolgirl Madeline returns in this second picture-book devoted to her adventures, finding herself in need of rescue when her high-spirited antics land her in the Seine. When an obliging canine comes to her aid, fishing her out of the water, Madeline and her classmates (as well as their
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teacher, Miss Clavel) adopt the dog and name her Genevieve. All goes well with the new school resident, until the annual visit from the board of trustees, who insist that Genevieve must go. Can the girls and Miss Clavel find their beloved dog again, once she is ignominiously ejected from the school premises? And if they do, with whom will she sleep...?

Both of these questions are happily resolved in Madeline's Rescue, which was originally published in 1953, and chosen as the Caldecott Medal-winner in 1954. This status as a Caldecott title - the first book, Madeline, won a Caldecott Honor in 1940 - led me to pay particular attention to the artwork, during my recent read. Although interesting enough, I am not sure the illustrations really spoke to me, although I did think that the few full-color spreads were far more appealing than the plainer, white and yellow ones. The story itself is more engaging - I loved Genevieve's surprise at the end! - although the rhyming text is rather awkward in places. With lines like: "From now on, I hope you will listen to me, / And here is a cup of camomile tea," or "The dog loved biscuits, milk and beef / And they named it Genevieve," it just didn't read that well. This was a low three stars from me, leaving me to ponder my lukewarm response, in light of the book and its heroine's place as a perennial childhood favorite. Perhaps I would have loved Madeline, rather than just liking her, if I'd first met her as a girl myself...?
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LibraryThing member lauren.anderson
Summary-Madeline falls off a bridge and a dog saves her.Then all the girls at the school want to keep the dog so they do.The school gets inspected and they get in trouble for having the dog,and have to get rid of it.They look and look for the dog finally it comes back and has puppies and the girls
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each have their own dog.

Personal Reaction-The Madeline books are very good and educational for little girls.They teach little life lessons.I think all girls should read them.

Classroom Extension 1-I would talk to them about listening to their elders because they are there to help you.

Classroom Extension 2- Maybe have a lesson about dogs!
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LibraryThing member meallen1
Its a really cute book about Madeline loosing her dog and then she finds it at the end and it has had puppies. It would be a good book to read in class because it rhymes, which helps the students follow along easier
LibraryThing member HeatherSwinford
Classic story that takes adults back to their childhood, and young readers into Madeline's world of the orphanage. The stories are neat and short allowing for the reader to maintain the information of what they have read.
LibraryThing member asousley
The story starts out with the dog saving Madeline from drowning. They keep her and name her Genevieve. All the girls want her. The dog is thrown out by trustees during inspection. They go look for her and find the Genevieve. Girls fight over her. Genevieve has puppies and enough for all the
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Good story about how we can care about pets.

A teacher can use this to show how helpful pets can be mentally and physically. Caring for them can be like a family member.
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LibraryThing member britneymellott
During a walk that Madeline and the girls take Madeline falls off a bridge into the water. A dog saves her and the girls decide to take the dog home and keep her. They treated her as if she was another one of the girls. Then Lord Cucuface comes for inspection and kicks the dog out. After he leaves
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the girls go searching for the dog. They did not find her and went back home. She came home that night and later the same night had puppies, one for each girl to have their own.

I personally have always liked Madeline. I think it's a good book for children to read or just imagine the story by looking at the pictures. It's a perfect book for the Caldecott award, because the illistration is very bright and colors change with mood of story.

In class i would maybe do something with my kids like a pets day. I'd have students bring in pictures of their pets and share them. I might also have them do an art project and make a picture of their animals.
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LibraryThing member NicoleHeelan
This story is about a group home in Paris. The smallest girl, Madeline, falls off a bridge while all the girls are taking a walk. When she falls into the river, a dog pulls her out and saves her life. They decide to keep the dog and call her Genevieve. When the board of trustees come the the home
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for their inspection, they find the dog and make her leave. The girls are upset and go looking for her, but they do not find her. Ms. Clavel, the house mother, wakes in the night and feels that something is not right. She goes outside to find Genevieve. She comes back home and that night, she has puppies.

I love this story. I have always been a big Madeline fan! The adventures they have are truly great.

In the classroom, the children can talk about their pets and bring pictures to class to show everyone. We can also talk about safety and have a safety day.
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LibraryThing member JSpencer
Madeline lives with 11 other girls and one adult. Every day they take a walk. Madeline is a bit mischievous and ends up falling off a bridge. A brave dog rescues her. The dog, Genevieve, is kicked out by the trustees during an inspection. The girls and Miss Clavel go out looking for her but have no
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luck. Genevieve comes back to the house later that night and the girls fight over who she will sleep in bed with. That night she has 12 puppies, so every girl gets one.

I used to watch the Madeline shows on television when I was younger and my grandma would read the Madeline books to me. In a way I can relate to Madeline because I have two sisters and out of all of them I was always off doing my own thing, just like Madeline.

In the classroom, we could have a safety day and talk about how important it is to listen to adults and do what we’re told so we don’t get hurt like Madeline did. Also, I could have the students each tell us about their pet (if they have one) and what their responsibility is with the pet.
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LibraryThing member rwetherell
The same 12 little girls in the original out for their daily walk in 2 perfect little rows, when Madeline tries to scare the teacher as usual, but this time she falls off a bridge and into the river below. A dog swam out and saved her so they took her home to take care of her. The 12 little girls
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loved the dog and took her whereever they went and argued over who got to spend time with her and have her sleep on their beds. Months pass and everyone at the boarding school including the dog were all very happy, but then the trustees came for an evaluation and saw the dog and kicked her out in spite of all the children begging them not to. After the left the girls looked and looked for the dog without any luck. In the middle of the night the teacher heard the dog outside and brought her in, and the girls fought over her, but then the dog had puppies and there was one for everybody.
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LibraryThing member caltstatt
This story tells of a young girl living in what seems to be an orphanage and one day falls in the water. She is saved by a dog who begins to live at the orphange. The dog seems smart, but the people who are in charge of the orphanage say she must go. The girls of the orphanage look everywhere for
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the dog, but can't find her. Later that night the dog is outside and she comes to live in the orphange again, but soon has puppies so each girl has a little dog of her own.

This would be an entertaining book to read to young children.
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LibraryThing member JohannaJ
This story is about Madeline who saves a dog. Madeline live in an orphanage and takes the dog home. It's all about how her and the other orphans adventure in keeping the dog. This book would be very good for anyone who loves Paris.
LibraryThing member rjmcwhorter1
This book contains beautiful illustrations, and I would definitely read it to my students. It rhymes, so it flows well and can be predictable, and it also has a very cute ending that students will enjoy.
LibraryThing member soonergirlam
Madeline doesn't listen to directions from adults and falls off a bridge, but a dog saves her. The girls keep the dog and fight over who it belongs to. The girls have to get rid of the dog because of an inspection. But, they finally find the dog and it has pups, so now each girl has their
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own dog.
Personal Reaction:
It shows the importance of listening to adults. Also, I think little girls would love this book!
Extension #1:
I would use this as a way to teach respect. Because it illustrate the reasons why kids should listen to and respect adults.
Extension #2:
I would have the students journal about their favorite pet!
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LibraryThing member caitsm
A second book to the famous Madeline, where the girls adopt a dog!
LibraryThing member szierdt
Classic. Nice bouncy flow when reading. Illustrations are playful and childish. Appropriate for a beginning reader. Simple, fun read of a timeless classic.
LibraryThing member malloriewoodruff
Summary: This Madeline book is about a rescue. Madeline is rescued by a dog which they later name, Genevieve. The twelve little girls all live together in Paris with Miss Clavel. When the president of the board of trustees comes to visit the children he notices Genevieve. Lord Cucuface is his name
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and he tells the children they have to get rid of Genevieve. They finally go out and look for the dog and finally they find her. When Genevieve returns all the girls want her to sleep with them. Miss Clavel warns them that if they don't share Genevieve she will have to go away. The girls learn to share.
Personal reaction: I thought this book was visual striking and had a good message. Sharing was taught in this book and the pictures caught even my sons eye. I like that the illustrations look like a child drew them.
Classroom extension:
1. I would have my students do a project on their pets and how they learned to share them.
2. The students could tell of stories of themselves or someone they know who has been rescued either by a person or an animal.
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LibraryThing member ckarmstr1
Madeline loves to prank and scare Miss Clavel, and this backfires when Madeline falls in the river. A dog, later named Genevieve, saves Madeline. The girls smuggle the dog in their room, but the inspectors pay a visit to the school and tell the girls they can't keep the dog. Miss Clavel finds a way
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for the girls to keep the dog, but they have to learn to share and not fight over Genevieve. This becomes easy when Genevieve has puppies! This book didn't end like the other Madeline books, but it was just as good! Love it!
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LibraryThing member Ebinns
Award:Caldecott Medal Winner. Grades K-1. Madeline is daring little girl who lives with Ms. Clavel and 11 other little girls in Paris. Madeline falls into the river one night and a dog saved her. Ms. Clavel allowed the girls to keep the dog and named Genevieve. Months later the school has an
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inspection from the President who saw the dog and made Ms. Clavel kick the dog out. All 12 girls were devastated and wanted their dog back. Ms. Clavel allowed the girls to go look around the streets of Paris to go find their dog. Without any luck the girls went home only to be woken up by Genevieve who was outside. The girls were fighting over the dog and Ms. Clavel was not happy about this and threaten to take the dog away. Once again Ms. Clavel is woken up but not to fighting but to a litter of puppies. Now all the girls were happy because they each had their own dog.
Teachers could use this book as a read loud or group reading. Madeline is a series of books that the class could read. Students could use the picture to create their own stories of being one of 12 living in Paris in a boarding school.
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LibraryThing member BryanHensley
Plot: After Madeline falls from a bridge a dog saves her from the water. After they adopt the dog the headmaster of the school says they cannot keep the dog but, evetually they find the dog again and get to keep the dog.

Personal Reaction: I loved the madeline cartoon when i was young and to read
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the book was very nostalgic. I really liked the use of pencil animations to convey the story and art style of Paris.

Teaching Implications: I would teach my students about how even though we may not like the rules but if we follow them everything will work out.
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LibraryThing member kellyholmes
A classic, but just okay for me.
LibraryThing member krystyne1973
This book is part of a series of stories about a little girl named Madeline that lives with other girls in an orphanage. In this story, Madeline accidentally falls into the water and a dog saves her. All the girls want the dog to stay at the orphanage with them. They even name the dog Genevieve and
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become quite attached to the dog. The story involves despair when the dog is taken away when officials come to the orphanage. It makes a story out of the orphan girls going out and looking for Genevieve.

As a child, these books were very important to me. My grandmother was an immigrant from Paris, France. These books were read to us often.

In the classroom, this story would be great to talk about what kind of pets we have in the classroom. Also about being safe and following safe procedures before going outside. For an art project, the class could draw what pets they have or pets they want to have in their own home.
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LibraryThing member nkertz
in this story, madeline falls into the river and is rescued by a sweet dog. they become fast friends and the dog becomes the school pet.the girls love the dog and the pooch is happy to be there. but somehting becomes not right and they have to get rid of the dog. eventually they are able to bring
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her back and she has puppies. this can be used for a lesson about sharing or owning pets. the illustrations are always breath taking in all of this author's books.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Madeline falls into the water and is saved from drowning by a dog, who soon becomes the pet at Mrs. Clavelle's. The nasty trustees kick the dog out, however, much to all the girls' distress. Geniveve the dog returns, with a surprise- puppies! Now all the girls have a puppy to share!
LibraryThing member rrossi1
When Madeline is showing off and ends up falling off a ledge into a canal, she is saved by a dog! The girls name it Genevive, and take it home. The school officials find out about the dog, and force them to get rid of it. The girls and Miss Clavel search all over for the dog, but they do not find
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it. The dog ended up coming home on its own, and to everyone's surprise, it had puppies! There were enough for every girl to have one.
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LibraryThing member ashoemak
Madeline is one of 12 girls in a Paris boarding school. One day, when the girls are out for a walk, Madeline falls into the water. A stray dog saves her life then comes to live with the girls at the school.


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