Bill and Pete

by Tomie DePaola

Paper Book, 1996



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New York : PaperStar, 1996.


When William Everett Crocodile is chosen to be a suitcase, his talking toothbrush becomes his salvation.

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LibraryThing member temorrison
William Everett was a crocodile who lived on the Nile River. His mother took him to get a tooth brush oneday, and he named his tooth brush, Pete. Pete and William became best friends. Soon after William and Pete go to school, where they learn the alphabet, how to write the letters, and their names.
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But, there was a problem, William could not spell his name! So, Pete changed his name to Bill so that he could spell it. One day while Bill and Pete were out, a man was taking crocodiles from the Nile, and the next week, he took Bill! Bill then decided he was going to scare the bad man away, so he climbed into his house and got in his bathtub and waited. He scared the man so bad, that he ran all the way to Calro.
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LibraryThing member JessicaHill
Bill and Pete is a good book to read to early elementary school children. The story teaches many different principles such as morality, growing up, beginning school and the importance of friends. There is a lot taking place in the book so I would not recommend that early or emergent readers read
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the book to themselves. I do think I would be a favorite book for any small child.
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LibraryThing member TonieleHazel
William chooses Pete to be his toothbrush. Pete helps William write his name as Bill. Bill gets caught in a cage by a suitcase maker and taken to his house. Pete picks the lock and Bill gets out and goes to wait in the man's bath tub for him. The man runs away and Bill's mom is very proud of him
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and Pete.
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