No Roses for Harry!

by Gene Zion

Other authorsMargaret Bloy Graham (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2004



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Harper & Row (Children's Choice Book Club) (2004), 30 pages


Harry the dog finds a graceful way to dispose of his new sweater with roses on it.

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LibraryThing member cerritos
Harry, of "Harry the Dirty Dog" fame, is insistent on his dislike of grandma's new gift of a coat. His distate for this particular coat seems to be its distinct pattern of roses. After trying to lose it in various and many ways, Harry's loss is a bird's delight. Eventually grandma and the kids all
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are happy and Harry gets a coat that is more to his taste and liking. A sweet short story with excellent illustrations.
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LibraryThing member mayalanda
This book really made me laugh! The story is told well, and is simple enough for my two year old to follow, but complex enough for it to be fun and interesting for me.
LibraryThing member lmbenji
This book always makes me laugh! I loved how Harry wants to get rid of the sweater his grandmother gave him but he constantly gets in trouble for doing so. This relates to so many young children as their grandparents give them things they do not like! I always remember feeling bad for Harry!
LibraryThing member ParadisePorch
No Roses for Harry! is part of a series of books featuring the “white dog with black spots”. It was published in 1958 and I think my (taped & well-worn) copy of this charming tale was printed then.

Harry receives a gift from Grandma: a green sweater with yellow roses. He doesn’t like it much
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and tries to lose in a department store, to no avail. despite his cleverness trying to disguise the sweater in the spots he leaves it.Then a bird unravels a loose thread and takes Harry’s sweater to build a nest. When Grandma comes to visit, Harry doesn’t have his sweater! But Harry’s story has a happy ending – of course. Zion’s story is delightful.

What is it about Margaret Bloy Graham’s drawings? In this book, they’re line drawings with two colors- in this case, the green & yellow that are in the sweater. But what a use of those two colors! A house with windows with curtains and plants, clothes on the line, a toy truck, the sun, the trees, the other dogs, all in green & yellow. But the pictures are far from boring; they are full of detail while seeming simple.

I love reading about Harry’s antics and looking at the house & town that Graham brings to life. Maybe I can’t be objective about Harry so I’ll only give this 4 stars. But then I’ll add another half for the sheer nostalgia. 4½ stars

Written by: Gene Zion
Illustrated by: Margaret Bloy Graham
Published by: Harper & Row, NY 1958
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LibraryThing member andreablythe
My Review: No Roses for Harry! is a childhood favorite of mine. When Harry the white dog with black spots receives a knitted sweater from Grandma with roses on it, he plots to get rid of it if he can. The art is fun an playful and the story that unfolds is adorable with a wonderful surprise at the
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My Niece's Review: This was one of her birthday gifts when she turned one year old and she loved it! She kept pointing at Harry and squeeled as I told the story. Toward the end she was a bit antsy (because she's one) and wanted to hold the book herself, which I was happy to let her do, so she could look at the pages like a big girl.
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LibraryThing member rekrumrie
Harry the dog gets a sweater from grandma as a present, but is embarrassed to wear it because it has roses on it. He tries to lose it at several different stores, but it always got returned to him until one day a bird unraveled it and used it for her nest. When grandma came to visit, Harry showed
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her the nest and he received a new black and whited spotted sweater for a present. This story shows kindness towards other and is a fun read, which is why I would want it in my classroom. I’d use it for all grade levels.
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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Nostalgia gives it four stars, current adult perspective gives it two. Cute, with a motif that kids can def. empathize with, but too simple, and the end is too implausible.


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