by Frank Asch

Paper Book, 1987



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Scholastic, c1987


Bear builds a rocket to take him to the moon so he can taste it.

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LibraryThing member ceklepper
This is a really cute book. It shows children that it is okay to have a big imagination!
LibraryThing member BNBHarper
Bear decide he wants to go taste the moon in this book. He wants little bird to go with him but little bird has to lead his flock of birds for migration. So, Bear gets enough courage to go without his friend. He gets to taste the dirt and thinks it tastes good. He then makes it back to little bird.
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Another cute book. I continue to enjoy the illustrations. The writing is very simple as well for a young reader. This would be a good class discussion book or book at home with kids to talk about courage. Also how Bear really wanted something and went after it.
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LibraryThing member cjs048
Bear one day decides he wants to go to the moon. He tries to do a sling shoot to hit the moon and he didnt even come close. He decides to make a rocket ship and take it to the moon. He gets prepared for take off but before he says 1 he falls asleep for winter time. He awakes when his rocket falls
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over. It is the middle of winter and he thinks he is on the moon. He has moon pie while he is on the "moon." He gets back in the rocket to head back to earth. He falls asleep again and wakes back up in the spring back where he was.
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LibraryThing member kelskemp
The author has written lots of books with this same bear. The story has lots of text and few pictures.
LibraryThing member Sullywriter
Seeking a taste of the moon.
LibraryThing member rebgamble
Great for thinking of ideas you've had for writer workshop, good for learning about seasons, and vocabulary
LibraryThing member jfe16
One night, when Bear and his friend, Little Bird, are watching the moon, Bear feels hungry and wishes he could take a bite out of the moon. He’s certain it would taste delicious, but Little Bird isn’t so sure. So Bear tries to get a taste of the moon by using his bow and arrow to shoot a spoon
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toward the moon. But the moon is too far away. So Bear decides to build a rocket ship.

Will Bear get to the moon? And what will he think about the taste of the moon?

A beloved classic, this is a perfect bedtime story for parents and young children to share. It’s delightfully silly in a way that young children appreciate and the underlying theme of friendship is an important one for all children to learn.

Highly recommended.
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