Seattle: Then & Now

by James Madison Collins

Hardcover, 2000




San Diego, Calif. : Thunder Bay Press, c2000.


Seattle Then and Now presents archival photos along with modern views of the same sites as they appear today. One can see the city as it looked when Denny Hill still rose above downtown, when the University of Washington occupied a mere city block, when Duwamish canoes still put in at Ballast Island, and when missiles were based in Magnolia and naval aircraft at Sand Point.Thanks to the efforts of preservationists, places like Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market look much as they did a century ago, while structures such as Union Station and the Eagles Auditorium live on with new uses. This book highlights some of the best-loved places in the city along with striking examples of modern architecture that help make Seattle such a vibrant and innovative city.… (more)




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