The myth of the goddess : evolution of an image

by Anne Baring

Other authorsJules Cashford
Book, 1991



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London : BCA, 1991.

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In the tradition of Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas, a grand synthesis of art, mythology, literature, psychology--even post-Einsteinian physics--certain to become a classic text of the new spirituality. An encyclopedic and vastly readable work.
"An indispensable source work for anyone interested in this very important development of religious ideas."—Marija Gimbutas. Ranges from the Paleolithic Age to the present-day Gaia Hypothesis.

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LibraryThing member tole_lege
Fascinating, and look at the date - things have moved on in the field, but still well worth reading. But not on its own, it needs to be supplemented by more current work.
(Most of which is not listed here because it's in journals...).

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