Descent to the Goddess : a way of initiation for women

by Sylvia Brinton Perera

Book, 1981



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Toronto : Inner City Books, c1981.

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23 cm

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Descent To The Goddess is a highly original and provocative book about women's freedom and the need for an inner, female authority in a masculine-oriented society. Combining ancient texts and modern dreams, Sylvia Perera presents a way of feminine initiation. As Inanna-Ishtar (Sumerian Goddess of Heaven and Earth) journeys into the underworld to Ershkigal, her dark "sister". and returns. So modern women must descend from their old role-determined behavior into the depths of their instinct and image patterns. to find anew the Great Goddess and restore her values to modern culture. Male readers will also be interested in Descent To The Goddess, both for its revelations of women's essential nature and for its implications in terms of their own inner journey. Descent To The Goddess is a highly recommended addition to Goddess Worship reference collections, metaphysical studies reading lists, and an impressive contribution to feminine psychology reading lists. --Midwest Book Review

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LibraryThing member Laurenbdavis
Fascinating study of the Sumerian Inanna-Ishtar myth and her descent into the underworld to Ereshkigal, her dark 'sister.' The author present a journey of feminine initiation. Some discussion of feminist theory, which will likely be more interesting to the therapist than the lay reader. For a writer like me, there is much inspiring symbolism. A slim volume, and somewhat academic, but surprisingly readable for all that.… (more)
LibraryThing member jsabrina
This book was my introduction to "The Descent of Inanna" -- and while I now would have a somewhat different perspective than Perera takes, it's still an excellent tool for opening up an ancient text for modern relevance.

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