Momma, Will You?

by Dori Chaconas

Hardcover, 2004





Viking Books (2004), Edition: 1st


As they make their way around the farm, a young boy asks his mother a series of questions about the animals found there, to which she answers "yes," "no," or "maybe" and explains why.

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LibraryThing member Nialle
A few of the lines don't scan perfectly, but this is otherwise a really outstanding book. A mother and two children discuss the animals of house and barnyard, and the mother is both loving and full of useful information about how to treat animals and how animals can be part of our lives.
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Delightfully, each animal is introduced with a suspenseful silhouette, followed by a soft and colorful illustration of mother and children interacting with the animal. This would be a great gift book, as much for a parent as for a child.
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