Bear Wants More (Chick-fil-A mini book)

by Karma Wilson

Other authorsJane Chapman (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2014



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Margaret K. McElderry Books (2014)


When spring comes, Bear wakes up very hungry and is treated to great food by his friends.

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PreS-Gr. 2. What happens after a bear breaks the fast of hibernation? In this rhyming follow-up to Bear Snores On (2002), Bear emerges as a lean, mean, eating machine. His animal friends help him find food, and he munches his way through the forest. As his grub crawl proceeds, both the words of the
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refrain ("But the bear wants more!") and Bear himself increase in size. Other friends busily plan a party for Bear back at his lair. Later all the friends must work together to pry the overfed, very stuck Bear from the entrance to his den. The story is fun and funny, but it takes a backseat to the illustrations. Chapman's acrylic paintings have a freshly washed look that conveys the newness of spring, and they are layered with delightful comic touches--Bear's increasing girth, his friends' bemused expressions, and the flower crown he wears at his picnic, after which he falls asleep. Now Bear is "full, full, full . . . but . . . his friends want more." An appealing romp about springtime and friendship.
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User reviews

LibraryThing member lauraklandoll
This is a cute story of a bear when he wakes from is long winter nap, hungry. He eats, and eats, and eats, while his friends try to fill him up.

I liked this story very much. It is reminiscent of the stories my parents used to read to me as a child. I loved silly animal stories.

Bear Wants More would
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be a good story for teaching young students about the lives of bears. This book would also be good for showing students how friends should treat each other.
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LibraryThing member kdemott
Great book if you're talking about hibernation. Even if you're not it a cute book with a funny ending.
LibraryThing member cmullenix
In the story the bear wakes up from hibernation very hungry. His forest friend lead him around to different foods that he can eat. He ends up eating so much that he falls back to sleep and leaves all of his friends awake and wanting more.

I think it was a great story. I can identify with not
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knowing when to quit eating. I wish I could just fall asleep and melt it all off though. The idea of friends taking care of friend was the best part.

In a classroom, I could use this start a class discussion on different ways people help their friends. We could start a project to help some of our friends around the school and at home. We could also try some of the foods that bear ate in the story or let everyone bring their favorite thing for the class to try.
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LibraryThing member Elizabeth1977
A bear is never satisfied with what he has and he always wants more. Teaches the concept that more is not always better.
LibraryThing member kidlit9
When spring comes, Bear wakes up very hungry and is treated to great food by his friends.
LibraryThing member Caitlin_Rinner
This is a cute story about a little bear who wants just a little more! He and his other animal friends help him out in the story. My students really liked this short story and I would recommend it!
LibraryThing member Tamara.Murray
I love the ASL sign for "more" on the cover. It brings back memories of doing baby sign language with my son.
LibraryThing member tmaslen
Bear awakens from his den just in time for spring and finds himself very hungry. Bear eats everything in his site, “but he still wants more.” He joins his forest friends on a quest to find more food and finds a surprise waiting at home. Bear’s forest friends attempt to satisfy his enormous
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hunger and in doing so find themselves in tough situation. This vibrant illustrated book makes for an enchanting read-aloud. The illustrator uses acrylic paint and bright springtime colors to depict spring and the forest animals. The rhythm and boisterous text makes Bear Wants More an amusing read-aloud.
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LibraryThing member weisser4
Students really love the characters and can relate to Bear. I love how they help me read the stories by repeating lines with me.
LibraryThing member bblender
When Bear wakes up from hibernation, it is time to eat! His different friends greet him along the way as he travels to find different food. He wants fish and berries and all sorts of things, but nothing seems to be enough. Each new friend he finds has a new idea of where to take Bear to get exactly
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what he is looking for, but each time, Bear wants more. Finally, Bear's friend decide to make a surprise feast for their hungry friend. Bear is so surprised, thankful and excited that he eats almost every crumb of food until there is nothing left. Finally, Bear doesn't want anything but a nap. But, Bear's friends now want more!
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LibraryThing member jsylve
This reading is about a bear who wakes up from hibernation and is get hungry and thin. His friends in the forest try's to give him food but he stills want more. They throw him a party at his home but the bear has eating so much he can't fit inside his home. All the friends bring the party outside
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and the bear is full as can be but now all the other animals want more.
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LibraryThing member TaylorRankins
I thought this story was really cute. The entire book was a poem about a bear who was hungry. With the help of his friends they were able to feed bear but he always wanted more. As the story goes on we see how each animal tried to help bear eat. At the end of the story they throw bear a surprise
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party and he eats so much that he goes to sleep. I like the flow of the story and how the author used certain words. This would be a cute book for younger children and it would be easy for them to read.
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LibraryThing member allieburks
Illustrations: acrylic paint. This book is about a bear who wakes up from hibernation and is very hungry. All of his friends try bringing him food, he eats it, but he is still hungry. A party is thrown for the bear and there is a whole bunch of food there waiting for the bear to eat. Finally, the
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bear's tummy is full! This book is fantasy because the animals in the story are talking, but the story is somewhat realistic and the setting is the forest, which is realist as well. Age appropriateness: primary
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